ahhh . . . sweet Thursday

Working two part-time jobs along with the too-rare freelance work means that my weekends are not the traditional Friday night to Sunday night affair. This week, Thursday is my Friday, and although I'll be working Friday night, Saturday day, and Sunday morning, tomorrow is all mine until 2:30 when I will drive into the carpool line. Yippee!
Remembering that the most elegant woman in the room is always wearing black and white (who said that?), that is what I decided to wear to the Art Museum cocktail party. (By the way, this is a portrait of John C. Calhoun--not a photo of me!) I think I looked okay. Mr. T & C said I looked beautiful under the Museum lights, which is sort of a funny compliment but I imagine it's accurate. Regrettably, both of us were a bit underdressed. I think I was thinking we were still in Florida, where we would have been a bit overdressed. I wore elegant wide-legged black slacks and a classic white linen sleeveless blouse with a mandarin collar, accented with a black enamel and silver necklace and earrings. Mr. T & C wore a cadet blue golf shirt and pressed khaki slacks, which I chose and delivered to him to wear. He was the only man there not wearing a sport coat! To his great credit, he was a trooper, held his head high, and did not berate me for such a faux pas. I was very proud of him. Most of the ladies were wearing lovely shifts and great heels. I saw a couple of glitzy outfits, but they looked a little "trying to hard." Here's the thing, though, the art was amazing! I almost had forgotten how much I enjoyed looking at it and talking about it. And that's another great thing about Mr. T & C, he likes talking about it, too, and he is very observant.
images: Greenville County Museum of Art from top: John C. Calhoun, George P. A. Healy; The Bombardment of Fort Sumter, John Ross Key; The Coronation of Powhatan, John Chapman


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