Catching Up

I am so thankful for honest businesses and service people! A day or so before we left for St. George, our downstairs a/c stopped working, leaving us in a bit of a quandary about who to call and what to do. Mr. T & C is quite handy, but he is not an a/c mechanic. I am completely hopeless. Today the repair servicemen arrived on time, took one look at the air handler, and told Mr. T & C that somehow a switch had been flipped, which had cut the fan/blower off. They did not even charge us for the service call! Needless to say, we are so grateful and the good news is that we are giving this company the service contract on our business downtown. I was back to work today, leaving a note this morning to our sleepy children. Happily, when I returned a little after 2 pm, all the Monday chores had been finished. We made a delicious and simple baked spaghetti for supper tonight, and then Mr. T & C took Son 1 to get a haircut for his senior picture, which is scheduled for tomorrow! Really, it can't be possible. I remember his choosing the perfect dinosaur backpack for St. Edward's nursery school; how can he be a senior this year?! I know it will be a fun and busy year--so exciting for all of us and a bit bittersweet for me. All for tonight!


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