In the Pink

It's been a long and frustrating week at work, mostly because some software hasn't quite lived up to its billing.  Thankfully, I thought of several things I discovered this summer that have met or exceeded expectations, so I decided to share them here.

When I went to drop off clean towels in the girls' bathroom at the beach house, I was overwhelmed by the number of products three teens and one tween could leave on the counter.  Gels, sprays, foams, scrubs, spritzes, mousses, lotions--you name it!  And there was quite a selection of scents--green apple, kiwi, strawberry, peach, coconut, vanilla.  My unscented Dove seemed rather boring in comparison.  The product that really caught my eye, though, was the Neutrogena Grapefruit Scrub.  It was so pink, and I love, love, love grapefruit.  So I bought it, and it has become my favorite part of my getting ready for bed routine.  It does, however, make me a little thirsty for grapefruit juice.

Another favorite little treasure that I found this summer is a leather envelope for my handbag.  The ones in this photo are from The Daily Planner, which is a cool website to browse, but I found my envelope at TJMaxx.  I think it cost about $7.  I use it for receipts that I need to keep, for business cards, really it's great for just not having things loose in your bag.  I have a nifty red leather tape measure, which I also keep in my envelope. I was looking for a green envelope because I thought it would be easier to spot, but I ended up with a pink one because, well, you know how it is at TJMaxx.
               Finally, while on a quest for a very obscure AP required summer reading book for Big (of course, it was two days before school started, so it's possible the book was less obscure in June!), I found this pocket calendar/planner at Barnes and Noble.  (I am not one of those folks who can keep all her life on her phone.)  It is an 18-month calendar with lots of notepaper for lists in the back as well.  It comes in lots of colors.  I got pink, what can I say?  I was on a roll.  I'm checking dates for a shopping expedition early next month.  I am going to have all my Christmas shopping finished by Halloween.  Well, all the mandatory shopping anyway.  Really, I am.
            Here's to being thankful for the little things that work the way they're supposed to work!


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