Post Vacation Post

After arriving home around 10 last night from a weeklong vacation with family, we awoke this morning and headed to church. We actually made it to both Sunday School and worship, which is where we heard a good sermon on hope. Based on 1 Corinthians 15, the gist of the message was that everything we do or say matters. We cannot slog through our days, thinking "someday I'll be in Heaven and none of this will matter." It all matters because God's plan--or at least one of them--is to redeem this planet and this life. This life is meaningful!

I had been thinking about writing a blog for a month or so. I'm a faithful reader of Beth Moore's blog, found at and of Michael Hyatt's, at Before leaving for the beach, I read the book Julie and Julia because I wanted to read it before I saw the movie. I didn't love the book, but after reading it, I was even more intrigued with the idea of writing a blog. Then, I was looking at these really cute plates at and there I discovered two really fun blogs Manicures and Monograms and Mrs. Blandings. I am addicted to both.

Vacation was great. We went to St. George Island and met Mr. T & C's family there. St. George is quite remote, but that is part of its charm. We stayed in The Plantation, and were blessed with great weather and healthy and safe children. All seven cousins enjoyed the beach and the pool and, of course, the usual relaxation of home rules. We cooked and ate and walked and read and played games and watched a few movies. The only grocery is about 20 minutes away, and it is the quintessential Piggly Wiggly. So fun and beach-y! Otherwise the shopping in Apalachicola is unremarkable, but we did have some great seafood (best oysters ever!) at The Grill. Also saw some great examples of Florida vernacular architecture in homes around the little town.

I did a little shopping this afternoon to find something for the sweet folks who took care of Good Dog while we were away. We bought pecans for them on the way home, but I wanted to do something a little more special, so I set out for Swoozies, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx. I managed to find some great things at Swoozies sale before we left town--gorgeous monogrammed natural linen napkins that will be perfect for this fall. Also some cute bedside organizers for the "girl cousins." Today I found some lovely shell potpourri, adorable cocktail napkins, and really pretty silvery blue serving plates. I've arranged the goodies with the pecans on the plates, so I hope the gifts will be a hit. And, yes, I managed to find a few treats for myself, too. I am always on the lookout for great placemats and napkins, so I was happy to find some today that will work well with our everyday (antique) Blue Willow. Also, I found some cute pink shoes with pointy toes and little black bows--they will be great for next spring, and they were only $15! Lastly, I threw in a package of fun Caspari Halloween napkins--I know it's early for fall, but they are so cute to put in the children's lunches when October rolls around.
Good night!


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