Thank God for friends who will tell you the truth. Although I have nothing in particular in mind at the moment, I am so grateful for my friend Michelle. We have been separated by miles and miles for all of our adult life, but God has allowed our friendship to thrive nonetheless. We were able to have a good long telephone visit today--so refreshing. She is a friend who always has my best interests at heart, even when she has to tell me something I may not want to hear. Lots of work today--a teacher training tonight, so I didn't get home till later. I am still rather unsure about this job. Sometimes I think I am exactly where I should be, but other times I miss doing something more creative and collaborative. I really think I would like working at the art museum again. And then there's always the lure of interior design. I am going to see Julie and Julia tomorrow night. I've read a few good reviews, so I'm looking forward to seeing for myself. I am sure Meryl Streep is amazing as Julia Child! I loved reading My Life in France, Julia Child's biography. I am inspired when I think that she didn't even begin cooking until she was 50.


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