Twas the Day Before School Starts

Without a doubt, this has been the shortest summer in my lifetime. I know that--by the calendar--a month of summer remains, but one's mindset seems to shift once the children go back to school. It may still be hot, the pool may still be open, and peaches are still in season, but fresh apples and Halloween costumes are once again on my radar. It's funny how I don't want the summer to end, but after accepting the inevitable, fall begins to seem mighty appealing. After a major shopfest at Old Navy, Costco, Target, and Staples, we have new jeans that look old, tights without feet, healthy snacks, and Ticonderoga pencils, which really are what they seem to be. We also have a lizard, which will aid in the fulfillment of the requirements of a Boy Scout merit badge. In addition, to the lizard and his terrarium and sand and daylight and nightlight, we have a carton of crickets and a carton of mealworms snuggled in next to the olives and hummus. I am less than thrilled. I am thrilled about my new cell phone, the Samsung Propel, which seems capable and rather sleek. All three children were shocked that I sprang for a "cool phone." It seems that my previous phone was nicknamed the "welfare phone," because it "wouldn't do anything." Will, the phone guy, shared this tidbit. Tomorrow night Mr. T & C and I are going to the Art Museum for cocktails and a tour of the permanent collection. We never do anything like this on a Wednesday night, but I am so looking forward to visiting the Museum and having a really good gallery tour. But, of course, what to wear, what to wear? I want to wear my white wideleg pants with a coral tunic, but it is the middle of the week, and I am sure lots of guests will be coming straight from work. It's a dilemma. Girl With Lantern Helen Maria Turner


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