Yesterday afternoon I did a terrible thing, something I had vowed years ago never to do:  I drove by a lemonade stand operated by children.  I was headed home, and I was, as usual, in a bit of a hurry.  Also, the sunlight on the street was beautifully dappled, and I almost didn't see the girls until I was upon them.  At least, that 's how I consoled myself as I zipped on by. 

Now to drive by a lemonade stand might not seem like much of a transgression, but several years ago, when Middle was about seven, he decided to set up a lemonade stand.  We lived in Florida at the time, so, of course, it was plenty hot enough to generate some business.  The problem was that we lived on a quiet street with no outlet.  Middle was not deterred.  I think that he had just discovered that having money was desirable.  So, with a small table and a bright poster, he set out to make his entrepreneurial mark.  He had the lemonade, ice, and cups, too, of course. He waited.  No cars.  He waited some more.  A landscaping service truck passed.  Mr. T & C and I watched from a front window.  Middle trudged in, and we thought he was throwing in the towel.  Middle was no quitter, though, and the next thing we knew he had Little, 4, standing out there with him in a bright blue bathing suit!  Having grown up in Florida, Middle had figured out that you could sell most anything with a blonde in a bathing suit.  Mr. T and C made a couple of calls to neighbors, and business began picking up--mostly foot traffic.  So, yes, I circled back and bought a cup of lemonade yesterday afternoon.  It was only one degree cooler than tepid, but it was pretty sweet.


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