Turn, turn, turn

It seems this is the time of year that the seasons overlap a bit. Summer is slipping away, dimming the lights a little earlier each evening.  But still.  We made it to another baseball game, a much belated Father's Day outing for my dad.  The air was crisp for a summer evening, and I was glad I had a sweater.  A blanket would have been nice, and it's the first week of September!

Fall is coming quickly it seems to me.  The dogwood leaves have begun to turn a bit already.  Little brought home the first cold of the season.  She missed two days of school, but we are ever grateful that she did not have H1N1.  She was recovered enough to cheer at the Friday night high school football game.  We noticed that Middle is no longer in the "rolling down the hill" crowd of rowdy elementary and middle schoolers, but has moved into the eighth grade section of the stands, where girls and boys sit together willingly.  I could hardly focus on the field for watching this new social development.  I was too far away to read lips, but there was a lot of hair tossing on the part of the girls. 

Meanwhile, Big had gone to Clemson for the weekend, staying with friends and visiting his girl.

To everything there is a season.


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