Bah Humb-achoo!

Skies are dark; winds are high.  Rain is forecast.  Rain. All. Day.  I'm trying to look at this dismal weather as another Advent reminder of what the world would be like without light--of what I would be like without the Light of the World.  Dismal doesn't begin to cover it.

If you have the good fortune to be able to spend a rainy, cold day indoors, wrapping presents maybe, then you might want to pop in a dvd of The Bishop's Wife, which is one of my favorite Christmas movies.  Filmed in 1947, the movie tells the story of an Episcopal bishop and his wife, whose lives have become nothing more than a series of frustrating meetings and meaningless appointments until God intervenes with an angel named Dudley.  Played by the ever-appealing Cary Grant, Dudley sets about re-focusing the couple on the things of real importance.  It is a delightful, thoughtful film from beginning to end.  And, of course, there's Cary Grant!  He's an older version of Mr. T&C!  Sigh.

I'm pulling on my cheetah rainboots and heading out into the gloom; blessed to know that the Light is coming!


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