A few of my favorite things: brown paper packages tied up with strings

As the year draws to a close, I thought it might be helpful (for me, at least) to remember some of the best ideas of this Christmas season.  My go-to gift this year for neighbors, teachers, and coaches was coffee.  Liquid Highway , a nearby coffee roaster devoted to handcrafted and microroasted coffee as well as to “saving lives one cup at a time” offered their blends as a fundraiser for our church’s mission trip.  On a whim, I gave Liquid Highway a photo of our house, which was turned into a label for the coffee I bought for gifts.  I am afraid it might be a little bit cheesy to give people coffee with your house on the label, but the coffee is really, really good, and it’s a gift, right?
IMG_0573 Piled in a chair near the front door.
Do you have a favorite gift to keep on hand?


  1. You must have watched the The Sound of Music last night too!!!

    As for my "gift on hand", I always have bananas that are turning brown, so I love baking that for a treat!

  2. This is a wonderful idea and made more special because it has been personalized with a remembrance of you. This is a perfect gift and presentation. :)


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