Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

And lo, the days are hastening on . . . . but still there is time to enjoy and to be grateful during this Advent season.  As our children are older and busier, the Mister and I are less consistent with keeping our family tradition of lighting the Advent candles, but we manage to find the time once or twice a week.  The first week is the candle of Hope or Prophecy, which reminds us that God keeps his promises.  The second week is the candle of Peace, which comes only through the Savior.  Next, is the Joy or Shepherd's candle, and it is typically pink while the others are purple, a color that throughout church history has symbolized both royalty and penitence.  The last week, we will light the Love or Angel candle, and, on Christmas Day, the Christ candle is lit.

Ever since I saw this slightly different take on an Advent wreath (above) in the December 2008 Southern Living, I have been eager to try something similar, which I thought would work well with our family room.  Also, although through the years we have enjoyed having the Advent tradition at suppertime, it seems to be working well to have it slightly later in the evening.   Below is my imitation of the SL Advent wreath in a primitive wooden bowl.  I did not have black-eyed peas on hand, so I improvised with wooden beads, dried artichokes and pomegranates.  I found the purple candles at Pier 1.  I couldn't find a pink one that worked, so I opted for a reddish one.  I think that this is a new decoration and an old tradition that we'll be keeping.
I hope your Advent preparations are peaceful.  I'd love to hear what you are doing!


  1. What a wonderful way to recreate this tradition in a modern way. Love it...thank you for sharing.


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