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Countertop Review

This time last year I was packing up our house to prepare for our down-to-the-studs renovation in our kitchen, family room, and master bath as well as the addition of a screened porch. The family room wasn't originally part of the plan, but that's a post for another time. The kitchen was where I really had to plan and scheme, and, yes even fret, to stay in our footprint and budget and to get the function and look I wanted. I love a challenge like this, though, so despite some occasional frustration with my client (aka me! ), I enjoyed the process. A key "want" of mine was honed marble countertops. There are dozens--maybe hundreds--of blog posts, articles, and showroom sites that compare various types of countertop materials and their pros and cons. I read most of them and took notes from a lot of them in the months leading up to our start date. One of the most helpful things was visiting a sweet friend's kitchen, where I was able to ask questions about cleaning, a

Please don’t miss this one!

If you haven’t yet seen the movie The Blind Side, then by all means, go.  This weekend.  I was predisposed to like it because I am a Christian as well as a southerner who enjoys college football, but this movie is about much more than that.  Mr. T&C and I went last night.  As soon as the credits ended, I told the Mister that I could sit right back down and watch it again.  He had already seen it with the boys.  The theater was full. Young and old, black and white moviegoers, we all laughed and sniffled together, and we left the theater feeling hopeful. 

the blind side Go.  And let me know what you thought.


  1. This looks like such a good movie! Did you see the true story the other night? On Dateline I think...

  2. My husband and I are planning to see this movie this weekend, I love Sandra Bullock!
    Have a very happy New Years Eve!

  3. We loved, loved, loved it. Cried and laughed a lot.

    My oldest (age 10) and I watched ABC's 20/20 on the true story - even DVRed it!!! The Touheys were great, as was Michael Oher. It is so evident how much they all love each other. It was funny (ironic) how the reporter kept trying to tun it into a big race issue. No one even bit.

    They also interviewed Sandra Bullock, who was awesome.

  4. This is one of the movies on my "must see" list. Glad to know it lives up to the previews!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  5. I really want to see this as do my two oldest sons.

  6. Saw it and it is an incredible movie. Got Parker the book for Christmas and he has already finished it. Happy New Year. Do you know that we still have the little packages you made for supper club in 1989? Down right antiques.
    Mike Smith

  7. one of the best movies i have ever seen! want my 7 year old to see it when he gets a little older. what a great message!


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