Tis the Season

Debutante season, that is.  Here in the South, this weekend in particular is a popular one for debutante balls.  Usually, the debs are college sophomores, although I think that varies from place to place.  Ordinarily, as I am well past “coming out,” I would not take much notice of this tradition other than to look at the girls’ pictures in the Sunday paper and marvel over how pretty they are, especially if I know them. debs Sean GallupGetty Images This year is different because Big is escorting Lovely Girlfriend to a cotillion in the lower part of the state.  Lovely Girlfriend is somewhere between excitement and amusement at the whole debutante idea.  I think she is one of about 20 young ladies at this ball, and one of them is her cousin, so that makes it more fun.  Big is mostly just amused at the whole idea of making a debut to “society.”  Still, he wants to do it right, so:

fresh haircut right after school,

white tie and tails to be picked up today,white_tie_tails

small bouquet of white flowers sent to Lovely’s home.freesias

Mr. T&C and I need to find a little gift for Lovely.  Well, let’s not be silly—I need to find a sweet little gift for Lovely.  I am thinking of giving her a sterling silver napkin ring, possibly with the date of the cotillion engraved on it.  I have collected old silver napkin rings for years, and one of my favorites is engraved December 25, 1921—what an elegant Christmas dinner that must have been!  So, I am hopeful that Lovely might be inspired to start her own collection, or if not, at least a napkin ring doesn’t take up a lot of room in your desk drawer.  I considered a monogrammed handkerchief, too, which Big thought hilarious.  He likes the napkin ring idea, though.  Go figure. 

As for the Mister and me, we’re shaking our heads at how quickly the time goes by. Yesterday, I took Big shopping for a sportcoat to wear to the brunch for the debs.  I was not looking forward to spending a lot because Big is still getting bigger—sometimes it’s like having a six-foot-three inch baby.  By that I mean, he’s outgrowing clothes that fit only a month or two ago; the difference is that the clothes he now outgrows are adult clothes not Baby Gap onesies!  Happily, we found a great jacket at the Junior League thrift store for $30!  He’s planning on wearing a bowtie for a jaunty Christmas-y look.  

It seems like only last year, we were putting him in a red corduroy romper with bells appliqued on the bib. Now, that was a jaunty Christmas look!


Debutante photo: Sean Gallup, Getty Images


  1. I loooove a good deb ball :) Y'all have so much fun! Please let us know how it goes!

  2. No matter that this post is from December '09, it was a delight to read. Catching up on your blog I happened to notice the label (I really do need to figure out how to do that) and am so glad that I did. You must have been bursting with pride! My cousin's daughter made the NY Times Sunday Styles section a few weeks back dancing with her Dad at the Christmas Cotillion - such wonderful fun & a thrill for the family!


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