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If you love antiques—and I do—this is a great time of the year.  For starters, today concludes Antiques Week in New York—a time when amazing shows and auctions abound for serious collectors of American and European antiques.  If you are interested in primitives or country, then you are probably looking forward to Heart of Country in Nashville in February.  I won’t be attending either of those events this year, but I will be tromping through the fields at the Reninger’s extravaganza next month in Mount Dora, Florida.  There’s no black-tie gala preview, but there are acres of wares, and many a find is hidden amid the dreck.  Antiquing is one of my favorite pastimes, but with all the treasures and “scores” have come a few “hard lessons learned.”  I have concentrated on collecting American country furniture, but I have English things as well; they are generally much more affordable.  So, will I manage to post an antique every week?  Will they all be from my own collection?  Too soon to say, but below is the Sheraton cherry chest I bought at one of the first shows I attended.
IMG_0679 Originally, this chest was placed along the wall in our front hall, where amazingly its drawers were left empty!  On to a house with less storage space, and the chest held a position in the dining room, holding linens and a few serving pieces.  A sideboard later, and the chest is in a bedroom, where its contents are chiefly socks and pajamas and exercise clothes.
The chest is cherry; the secondary wood is tulip poplar.  The top is one solid board.  The paneled sides were what first caught my eye when I glimpsed it in the back of a panel truck. I knew it was a Southern piece; my heart was beating hard as I examined it in the sunlight.
It’s had a few minor repairs, but the finish is original.  The cockbeading around the drawers and the elegant legs are really lovely.  I bought it on the spot, and was enormously pleased when I came home and found a remarkably similar chest in the Cheekwood catalogue, The Art and Mystery of Tennessee Furniture.

I’ve been its caretaker for 16 years now.  No regrets.
We’re leaving for Peru in only a few days, but I have a few posts lined up to publish while we’re away.  Here’s hoping that the technology all works, if not, I’ll be back in February!  Thanks for reading!


  1. Enjoyed your post. I too enjoy antiquing, but have just recently began hunting in the last few years. I had no idea that this time of year was the best for attending such events. Thanks for the tip.

  2. OMGoodness, Peru! Have a fabulous time.

    I love antiques too and brought home as many as I could from our family's farm house in upstate NY when we sold it. My favorite piece is this beautiful buffet. I love how it sounds when I open it and the smell. I have many others but I am pretty ignorant when it comes to knowing anything about them. You are lucky to be so knowledgeable on the subject.

    Safe travels.

  3. Do love antiques... my first furniture purchase out of college was a mahogany Imperial chest. I still love it!

  4. I've just discovered your blog and love it. Have a great trip to Peru. Sounds like so much fun. Technology will work. I've done it and it's fabulous.

  5. Terrific chest of drawers, I love Sheraton pieces like this. My mother collected similar, always cherry, so I have fond associations. Reggie


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