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It’s time to plan a party; it’s been a while.  The Mister and I used to host a couple of large parties every year as well as small dinner parties, book club meetings, Bible study groups, and, of course, family birthday parties and children’s parties.  I loved having people over no matter whether it was a formal, sit-down affair, a buffet, a potluck, or cake and ice cream.  Sadly, since we have moved, that hasn’t been the case.  And I have to admit, it’s mostly my fault.  I’ve spent way too much time mourning our old house, which was ideally suited for entertaining.  Still.  The best parties are always about the people, not the place.  So, after watching Julie and Julia yet again, I was inspired to plan a Valentine’s Dinner. 

After all, the Childs’ dining room looked pretty small.  valentine pic
valentine partyAnd, the party looked like a lot of fun!   I love the big red hearts, the paper chain, and, the red roses!  Menu suggestions, anyone?


  1. I was thinking about doing the same thing here at school! I found a recipe for rose petal flan on the cooking blog that I alllwaaaayyyssss visit (simplyrecipes.com). It suggested serving for Valentine's Day.

    And praying for you all on your trip!

  2. A fondue or raclette party might be fun, and intimate!

    If you don't want to do the fondue for the meal you could serve it for the dessert... chocolate fondue, strawberries, pears, bread, pound cake, marshmallows.... the possibilities are endless!

  3. Hi I found you through Deja Pseu, great blog! Keepit up! I just love this scene from the movie...I'd have it catered though...


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