Off again, on again!

I have renewed respect for my family.  We have survived a little over a week without internet service.  I didn’t think we could do it; and, yes, we did have access to cyberspace at work and at school.  Still, it was a bit of an inconvenience.  Yesterday, however, our service was restored, and our ancient (c. 2004) desktop was permanently retired.  I think we’ll manage just fine with laptops.  Best of all, my wonderful Virginia cherry washstand—my first antique purchase--is no longer a computer desk!  I am enjoying planning how it will be used in this corner of the kitchen.  For now, I’m letting it “breathe.”


Truly, it wasn’t such a bad thing to be disconnected for a few days.  I was able to focus on the projects I wrote about earlier, and I was able to re-organize the closet under the stairs.  This closet becomes a crazy catch-all during the Christmas season, so it is delightful to have it fully operational again.  The bins are from Lowes.  I’d rather the bins all had the same trim color, but I couldn’t wait long enough for the next shipment.  I’m not sure which is the worst of those two traits—caring that closet storage containers match (also known as perfectionism) or being in such a hurry to finish (impatience).  I suspect the latter; what do you think?

closet bins closet bins

Either way, I’m flawed; but, happily, the closet is working just fine.  And, thankfully, so is the internet.


  1. OMG I would die without internet!

    I am the same way with organizing...I need the insides of spaces to look good too but I hate waiting for things! I have driven all over the place to find the right containers lol!

  2. My guess is that perfectionism wreaks more havoc than impatience, over time. My guess is also that neither of these traits are truly worrisome:).

  3. It's amazing what you can accomplish when the computer doesn't steal all your time away.

    I love those bins. They would be perfect for my art room. I'm the same way about everything matching. It drives my husband nuts!

    Your antique is beautiful. Enjoy finding a new place for it in your lovely home.


  4. I am so like you! I was slowly scrolling down the picture of all of your bins, admiring the lovely blue trim. And THEN - red!!! LOL

    I am doing the Beth Moore study: Breaking Free. I am realizing my stronghold is my desire for perfectionism. I need to break free from this as I am also realizing that perfectionism is basically a pretty way of saying that ugly word: pride. I have lots of work to do, and I thank God that He put this study in my life.


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