Piece of Cake

I’m quite sure I don’t spend as much time praying as I should.  My mind tends to wander, especially when faced with a menial task like washing dishes.  I like words, and so I often ponder why we say some of the things we do.  For instance, why do we say “when it rains, it pours”?  I mean, sometimes it merely drizzles.  And, why when reporting on dealing with a difficult person, do we say, “It was like walking on eggshells!”?  Really?  I think if you’re walking on eggshells, the damage has been done—walking on eggs, now that would take some skill!  Well, never mind; let me just say when it rains it pours.

First, I received—out of the cloudless sky—an interesting freelance editing assignment about the work of an, until recently, undiscovered contemporary artist.  My contribution will be to edit two essays by highly regarded and well-credentialed art historians, who teach and lecture at important institutions in New York City.  Sadly, their writing does not match their billing.  Extensive editing is required.  Re-writing.  A hatchet would do the job efficiently, but relationships (dealer, museum director, art historians) must be preserved, so I’m painstakingly using a scalpel and hoping for minimal scar tissue.  God help me.  

And this just in—an assignment of sorts to help a friend re-decorate a “problem” room at her house.  It’s a problem because She wants to approach the re-do one way, and, He wants to—not.  I love this stuff, figuring out a way to make everyone pretty happy and improve the space.  So, off to the fabric store.  Success!  Now, we just need a few sketches with paint suggestions and ideas for lamps and accessories.

So, into my lap fell two good and juicy projects, making me feel needed for more than clean laundry, and then, the Mister calls to say, “Guess who’s going to be in town on Wednesday, and who I invited to stay with us?”  Me (breathing deeply), trying to sound relaxed: “Um, gee, I don’t have any idea.”  Him:  “Best College Roommate Ever!”  Me: “Wow.”  So, this wonderful fellow will arrive and take Mr. T&C to dinner.  (I can’t go; it’s complicated.)  Then, they’ll return to T&C Manor for brandy and cigars, or more likely, cake and coffee.  Best Roommate will leave shortly after breakfast, but I expect it will be a late night.  We haven’t seen him for ten years, so lots of catching up and reminiscing, I’m sure.  I’m actually looking forward to the visit; and I know the Mister is, too.

In the meantime, I’m fluffing up the guest room, baking a red velvet cake, and researching Max Ernst, collage, and virtual simulacrums.


And I’ll be finding time to pray; I’ve got a lot to be grateful for.


  1. I don't even know what my prayer would be: "Lord, thank you for trusting me with all of these projects." or "Lord, what were you thinking, trusting me with all this?!?" I know you will do it all with such grace, given to you by the Holy Spirit!

  2. Best of luck with both your projects. I'd offer to help you with the editing but something tells me it's a little more complicated than the grade school papers I correct. :)

    I love red velvet cake ~ enjoy!



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