What am I forgetting?

Our accommodations in Peru are rather, um, basic.  We’re not staying here at the Presidential Palace, after all.
Our digs will be much more humble, and that’s to be expected—one of our tasks in Chimbote is to build a soup kitchen.  What that means for me is that I need to pack more than the black knits, scarf, and toiletries that I usually throw in my bag “the morning of.”  For instance, if you like coffee, bring it.
NTC_Original6stk  Bring cream and sugar, too. Hot water will be available.
coffee mateIf you don’t really fancy corn mush for breakfast for eight days, then you’ll want to bring instant oatmeal, or grits, perhaps.
There’s a strong chance that guinea pig will be served at least once. DSC01197 There’s a one hundred percent chance that I will not eat it, so it’s good to have a jar of peanut butter tucked into my suitcase.
Then, we also have to bring towels and bed linens, work gloves and work clothes.  Batteries.  220 converter.  Sunscreen.  Hats. Bug spray.  Gifts for the children we meet.  Cameras.
What am I forgetting?
Oh, I know.
Chocolate almonds.


  1. Dont forget granola bars! Sugar packets, hot chocolate, chewable vitamins too!

  2. What about water purifying tablets? Do you need those? I can not wait to read about everything when you get back! I am so jealous...


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