Winter inspiration

On a bitterly cold night, there’s nothing I’d rather be doing than sitting near the fire leafing through some of my favorite design books while the Mister reads the paper, the children finish homework or noodle around on the computer, and Maid Marian snores gently at my feet.  If I’m feeling thin, which is never the case this soon after Christmas, I might even make a pot of decaf and pull out some biscotti.   If I’m feeling industrious, I’ll make notes as I page through, either listing items to look for at the next Antiques Extravaganza or sketching some ideas I can copy or pass on to a friend.  Most nights, I just feel sleepy. 

My favorite new book is this first one, New Classic Interiors.  Thanks, Santa.

new classic interiors

The rest of these I managed to buy for great prices through Amazon used books, although the Colonial Homes Classic American Decorating is now quite expensive.

colonial style

colonial homes

I probably look through Classic Greenwich Style at least once a month year round.  I am always seeing new details in those rooms!

greenwich bookAnd, of course, just when I think I can’t take Maid Marian’s fur, snoring, bad breath, water bowl sloshing one more minute, I glance through Living with Dogs and know how much she adds to this family.

dog book  

I don’t like people who don’t like dogs—I just don’t.—Brooke Astor


  1. Those look like gorgeous books! I'll definitely have to check out "Living With Dogs," as we share our den, er "home" with two loveable Cavaliers (who think they run the place!).

  2. I have been cozying up to the fire reading my new Barefoot Contessa cookbooks!

  3. Beautiful books and magazines. I rip the pages out and put in my "idea binder" for when I feel the house needs a little fluffing. (Or when we win the lottery LOL)

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog. It is only by the Holy Spirit and God's infinite Grace that ANY of us are able to live day to day.

    Oh, and please come on down to Aiken. You'd love it!

  4. Greenwich is one of my faves too, but also because I grew up just nearby and it look slike something familiar when I am far from home...

  5. love coffee table books! good choices...


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