Pink and Green

For all the pink and green lovers, myself included, here are a few fun finds to brighten up these winter days!

IMG_1062A new ironing board cover from Marshall’s Home Goods.  Who doesn’t need a bit of cheer when ironing?

IMG_1066  Charming cupcake papers from Hobby Lobby.  I’m setting these aside for Little’s birthday cupcakes.

IMG_1065 Yes, preppies, even Peru knows that pink and green is a winning combination.  This sweet blanket is the newest addition to Little’s bedroom.

IMG_1110 A bright new collar for Maid Marian!

IMG_1104  Polka-dot preppie scarves from Go Fish Clothing & Jewelry!

IMG_1105 And earrings!

What are your favorite pink and green finds this season?


  1. What great finds but finding an ironing board cover doesn't mean you actually HAVE to iron does it?? No. I didn't think so. ;)


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