Blog, Interrupted

Ahem.  Yes, well, where were we?  Right, right, right.  A little business travel.   All went well.  Er, no, I got sick, the Mister got sick, laundry piled up, and next thing I knew it was March.  For those of you without children in three different schools, you might be mildly interested to know that March is when the end of winter school sports collides with the beginning of spring school sports.  (Basketball, meet Tennis.)  March is also the month when seniors, like Big,  make their final college decisions, and the money you’ve been saving begins to be spent at an alarming rate.  Then, there’s the Mister, starting a new business.  And finding a lump, which turned out to be nothing, but the part before we knew it was nothing, was rather, um, awful.  Let’s see, I’m leaving out some good stuff, too, Big and Little sang a duet, “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better,” which required rehearsing. ted singingIMG_1801 - Copy I’m not sure why, as bickering seems to come so naturally to them.  Then, I had the staggering realization that I had a lot more time when I didn’t blog or read blogs, so I gave that a go, but it turns out that reading your blogs (and your comments) is rather enriching. So, all that to say, I’m back.  And many, many thanks to those who stopped by to check on me.
Now, as a reward for reading all that caffeine-fueled rambling, here’s a sampling of our spring and Easter.IMG_1808 - Copy Middle and Big, who has taken a job working for a candy store, until life guarding or some other summer job lures him away.  I keep hoping a local theatre will advertise auditions for Harvey, but so far, nothing.
IMG_1816 - Copy After church on Easter Sunday, we drove up into the mountains for brunch at one of our favorite places.  Gorgeous day, delicious repast, and cooperative and appreciative children made for a lovely day despite the fact that we had no family or guests.
IMG_1815 - Copy The Easter hams.  Big has already shed his tie, but it was a lovely Vineyard Vines bit of finery.IMG_1818 - Copy Hams and baloney!
IMG_1821 - CopyThe Mister and me—yes, I cropped out our dessert plate!IMG_1823 - CopyLittle relaxes lakeside while the boys play Frisbee, and the Mister dozes.IMG_1822 - Copy   Blessed Easter Day!


  1. Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!
    So glad to see you are back, you've been missed!

  2. So glad you are back, my friend and with such lovely pictures. Very happy the lump was nothing. All your life experiences remind me of the song, "Waters of March". If you are not familiar with it find it and listen. I think you will enjoy it. I hope you got the cookie. I also gave you a tag because I was thinking of you but I may not have bothered you with it since it looked like you were taking a break. Hope you are refreshed and ready to go! :) xoxo

  3. What great photos. It sounds like you had a lovely Easter. Glad you are back to blogging! :)

  4. So glad you are back and ok!
    Your family is gorgeous - and how cute are you?!
    I can feel the love between all of you just from your photos!

  5. So glad you are back... but what a busy/stressful March you had. We are also in the midst of a new sports season: baseball for both boys. AAAAACK!

    What a beautiful Easter you had with your beautiful family. You all look much more rested!

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter! What a beautiful family!

  7. Welcome back, so good to see you again. Your family is lovely. And very happy your health is just fine.


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