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Work hard.  Play hard.  Get sick.  Seems this pattern is a familiar one at our house.  This week, it was my turn.  Thankfully, a new friend shared her chicken soup with me only a few days earlier.  I try to avoid using too many convenience (processed) foods when cooking, but if you’re not feeling well and making your own chicken soup, this recipe is a winner.  It would be great for a quick weeknight dinner, too.  In fact, I might add it to my Cinco de Mayo menu.

You’ll need:
1 lemon-pepper rotisserie chicken from the grocery (free-range is great, if available and affordable; I just used the basic deli variety), shredded into bite-size pieces
1 16 oz carton of chicken stock (again, organic, if possible)
1 16 oz container of fresh salsa from the grocery deli (Garden Fresh is the brand here)
2 or 3 cans of white beans of your choice
1 8 oz block Monterrey Jack cheese (peppers optional), grated 
Add the stock to the pot and put on medium heat.  Add the remaining ingredients and heat through.  Allow to simmer on low.
IMG_1923 I’m feeling better already!


  1. Mmmmm that sounds yummy!
    I love the deli chickens - so convenient and way cheaper than buying a chicken in the meat dept and cooking it at home!

  2. That soup look delicious! Much better than the cookies I just ate :(
    I am feeling poorly too - hope you are on the mend soon!
    Warm regards,

    PS Loved your Elizabeth Post comment - I collect etiquette books - my Mother would have been so proud!

  3. I love a good - read easy - soup recipe. Most are, but this is perfection. Love it. All my favorite ingredients.

    There is a pasta recipe on Food Network you may like to take advantage of the deli chicken.

    My family LOVES it...and asparagus IS in season.

  4. I make this all the time. Only I add black beans instead of white beans and serve with tortilla strips. Instant tortilla soup!

  5. That does sound delish... have put it in my recipe book and my make it for supper next week! Feel better... ;)

  6. the soup looks delish. I just stumbled upon your blog and enjoyed strolling down your previous posts. you have great recipes and lovely family photos. count me as one of your followers. verbena cottage

  7. Oh, Paula .... you have MADE my week! First salmon with brown sugar and cayenne, now the easiest chicken soup in the world. Chris had TWO bowls! I made some homemade tortilla strips and we used those with the cheese as a topping, rather than mixing it in. Divine!

    Feliz Cinco de Mayo y muchas gracias, amiga!

  8. when we are sick, convenience is the key.

    your soup look delicious!


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