See! The winter is past

It rained most of Thursday night, but this weekend the sun was bright and warm—both outside and in!  awardfromk Many thanks to blogger Kris at Kristopher K Design for sending me the Sunshine Award from Queensland, Australia!  What a cheerful surprise!  Please take a moment to visit Kristopher K .  I promise you’ll see beautiful, fresh fabric designs all done by the talented Kris!
Spring is really here!

11 See! The winter is past;
       the rains are over and gone.
12 Flowers appear on the earth;
       the season of singing has come,
       the cooing of doves
       is heard in our land.  Song of Songs 2:11-12

What a spring in the Carolinas!  Sure, there’s pollen and plenty of it, but let’s keep our perspective.  On my five-minute drive to work downtown this past week, I noted the following flowers, trees, and shrubs in bloom: azaleas, daffodils, tulips, phlox (pink and purple), viburnum (snowball) bush, cherry trees, red bud trees, dogwood trees (pink and white), wisteria, weeping cherry, crab apple, pansies, hyacinths, candy tuft, quince, forsythia, and at least four or five  that I can’t correctly name!  Not to mention, in the shady gardens, you can practically see the hostas shooting up through the ground.  All this color against the brilliant green of budding trees is breathtaking. DSC_1870_Dogwood_Spring I love to garden.  No, wait, that’s not right.  I love to think about gardening.  Yes, that’s more like it.  And I love to draw landscape plans and go to the nursery and choose the plants.   And I like to set the plants where they’re meant to go.   Then, I bring the Mister cold drinks and compliment him on his fine work.  And, rub his back at night, which is and gunEmily Whaley’s garden as updated by daughter Marty Whaley, Garden & Gun
Emily Whaley, perhaps Charleston’s most famous gardener, wrote that she let her husband tell her who to vote for in every election, in order to get the plants and landscaping she wanted.  I’m not condoning that, but if you, like me, aren’t that great with a shovel, then you might want to come up with your own particular bargaining chip like backrubs.  Pies work well, too.  mrs whaley
If you haven’t read Mrs. Whaley’s book, you must!  She’s been gone several years now, but the book, written by William Baldwin when she was 85, is timeless.  It’s not a technical gardening book,  unless you happen to live in Zone 9, but it is an insightful one.  She offers advice and opinions on gardening, of course, but also on good manners, dancing, tennis, and entertaining.  mrs whaley's garden  I read it afresh every spring, and I believe that on this Mrs. Whaley and I would agree:
So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.  1 Corinthians 3: 7


  1. My parents just returned from Charleston and talked about the gorgeous trees, flowers, etc. I love this time of year. I may have to check out that book!

  2. Michelle R BickersApril 12, 2010 at 12:03 PM

    It is this time of year more than any other I sense the trees clapping their hands and the blossoms raising their faces in praise to God! Thanks for helping me reflect on the beauty all around today.

  3. I love, love, love both of her books! What a gem she is... And isn't spring in South Carolina just divine?

  4. so glad you're back! i have missed your blog, and
    completely understand about the overwhelming
    nature of having a senior and the busyness of
    sports, etc.

    loved your lovely garden photos!

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