Just say no . . . (I’m talking to myself, again)

Every now and then, I become delusional.  I persuade myself that five hours sleep is enough—for me.   It’s in those delusional moments that I take on something I shouldn’t.  Sometimes it’s a volunteer job (when I’m feeling a little guilty for not doing more).  Sometimes it’s a professional opportunity that seems as though it could be worthwhile.  That’s what happened this time.  Usually my freelance writing is focused on art, art history, or architecture—subjects that really interest me.  Sometimes, though, I write about business, which, can be interesting. So, here I am writing business profiles about small businesses that are definitely not interesting, and the most maddening part is that I’m not supposed to try to make them interesting!  They are to be all business—facts and figures--presented in the most uniform, businesslike manner as possible.  Sigh.

Still, I’m working at home, and that’s worth quite a lot.  For one thing, I’m enjoying my new home scent, white birch.  It’s from the Caldrea Essentials line, which was recently introduced at—where else?— Target.  diffuser Even more than that, though, I’m enjoying my new hand balm.hand balm It has a wonderful grapefruit-y fragrance, and the consistency of the hand cream is not at all greasy.  Target is also offering candles, dish soap, countertop cleaner, hand soap, and lotion.

Caldrea was acquired in 2008 by the SC Johnson Company, which I’m sure explains this year’s roll-out to the masses at Target.  Previously, Caldrea was a company of 50 employees, and its products were sold in small boutiques.  (Occasionally a  rogue bottle turned up at TJ Maxx, I noticed.)  The firm also makes a line of soaps and lotions for kitchenware purveyor Williams-Sonoma.  My understanding is that Caldrea founder Monica Nassif continues to run the Caldrea division.  So my question is, does Caldrea Essentials for Target (a less expensive and less luxuriously packaged line) compete with its boutique line, or has SC Johnson simply brought a great product to more budget-minded consumers?

Clearly, I have business on the brain.  And I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Oh, and, just to be clear, Target did not compensate me for this post.  As if!


  1. I try to get by on 5 hours of sleep (or less) far to often also ;)
    So glad it's you and not me writing business profiles - lol
    Have fun - haha - Cheers Kris

  2. You make business sound interesting! :) My boyfriend is a business major and sometimes I wonder...how does he possibly like it? But it has its interesting points, I see! Enjoy your Caldrea!

  3. i wonder if the fragrance is as 'reduced' or 'essential'
    or if it is a cheaper version?

    good luck on the boring business letters. i bet when
    you are finished you will be able to say that you gleaned
    something beneficial from the assignment.

    i sound like i do when my kids complain about a paper. :)

  4. How interesting. I find it fascinating how different companies tie into one another. I didn't know you wrote professionally but I am not surprised one bit! I'll have to check out your pick. I haven't been to Target since Christmas!! I know! Sacrilege! ;) xoxo

  5. You have sold me on the hand balm... I must go out and try it. Even love the packaging!

  6. I did not know that it was now sold at Target. What a great find--I'm a clean fresh scent lover too- I've been using the Jo Malone grapefruit perfume for years, I will definitely give the Caldrea a try!

  7. I haven't been to Target for awhile, so haven't seen this yet. I had a favorite scent, but the small boutique where the product could be purchased was someplace I only visited occasionally, so it's been long gone. I'm happy to hear about this.

  8. i LOVE caldrea and so glad you told us about target. i buy at a local store (which i love to support) but it is not inexpensive.

    try ginger pompleo? (ginger for sure not sure of other) countertop spray... you will clean all the time. the fresh scent is intoxicating..
    also sea salt hand and dishwashing soap... i am addicted

    so happy to have found you.blessings to you xx pam

  9. Pompleo is grapefruit I believe!

    I love Caldrea too...Target is getting a lot of little luxuries for a bargain. I think that is good for all of us!

  10. Interesting... I love Mrs. Meyers products for my kitchen. Her products used to be sold only at Williams Sonoma as well. Now, I can find them in the grocery stores and places like Bed, Bath & Beyond. (Have not looked at Target) I have to think this is the same product. It all looks and feels and smells divinely the same. I think it is smart of these companies to expand and sell these products en masse. I would not pay $5+ a bottle at WS but I will pay $3.50 at the grocery store!

  11. Where do I begin, 5 hours sleep, I crumble with anything less than 9 ( am such a drama queen), and Target, I cannot wait to browse the goodies they have there, it seems that place is getting better and better, your find as a perfect case and point. Good luck with the writing, I spent way too many years trying to find biz interesting, somehow children have brought home the fact that despite my efforts I would rather watch paint dry.

  12. im on the same boat, 5 hours of sleep and often delusional! target quality has really improved and i do love shopping there, you can find everything there even the grocery section. thanks for dropping by..have a happy mother's day! verbena cottage


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