Simple Summer Pleasures

It seems there are a few foods that are made for summertime.  I’m not talking about juicy watermelon or ripe tomatoes or even fresh corn, although my family enjoys those throughout the season.  I’m thinking more of foods that--although available year round--we set aside for summer—sort of like eggnog is only served from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.  After all,  the ingredients in eggnog are always available.  It’s the same with one of the T&C household’s favorite treats— homemade frozen bananas.  We started making these a few years ago after Little picked up a recipe for them in the grocery store.  I like to think they’re a bit healthier than ice cream bars, and they taste amazing even if you’re not crazy for banana-flavored treats. 

Start with a bunch of not-too-ripe bananas.  They shouldn’t be green, but they should not be fully yellow either.  And definitely no speckles!
IMG_2036 Find a cookie sheet or baking pan that will fit easily in your freezer and line it with waxed paper.IMG_2037
Cut the bananas in half and insert food-grade wooden popsicle sticks.  (If you are only going to be serving these to adults, you can use wooden skewers if you have them on hand.)  Place on the wax paper-lined baking pan and pop them into the freezer for half an hour or so.  (Leaving them in longer is fine, too, but you might want to cover them.)IMG_2039 While the bananas are chilling, melt one cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips in a microwave oven or in a double boiler.  Microwave temperatures vary, so start with 30 seconds.  Chocolate that has been melted in a microwave holds its shape, so be careful not to burn it.  I microwave my chocolate for one minute, then add a teaspoon of cooking oil (even a light olive oil will work in a pinch) and stir until the chocolate is smooth and the oil is incorporated.IMG_2040 Remove the bananas from the freezer and quickly dunk them in the warm chocolate, which will harden immediately.  Store covered in the freezer.  A paper muffin liner slipped over the stick makes the perfect drip catcher. For young children, be sure to add sprinkles! 
What’s your favorite summer treat?


  1. those look delicious! another great frozen treat is
    to pop some rinsed grapes into the freezer. so
    simple and refreshing.

  2. I just bought frozen pineapple on a stick and have been eating them like popcicles! They are sposed to be for bbqing but I couldn't wait lol!

  3. Those look yummy - I think even I could do those too! My favorite summer treat is Italian ices. We have a place called Ralph's - my current favorite is vanilla ice with pieces peanut butter cups...

  4. ALL these ideas sound great! Love your frozen bananas... my boys love them. And chocolate, what could be better!


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