I thought it was high time to bring a touch of summer to the T&C house, other than wet bathing suits, damp towels, and discarded flip flops, that is.
IMG_2078      Scallop shells gathered on Anna Maria Island, Florida take their place on the side table in the kitchen.IMG_2079Treasures found all along the Maine coast fill a bowl in the front hall, reminding us of one of our favorite family vacations.
IMG_2081Fragments of giant scallop shells and starfish (purchased) collected on Saint George Island, a most beautiful and remote spot on the Gulf.IMG_2085Olive shells, the state shell of Florida, are a sweet summer reminder of great family beach visits all over that beautiful state.
IMG_1955Add in a few bowls or vases of these beauties, and the house definitely feels like summertime.

This year we’re returning to one of Charleston’s beaches, much closer to home than our usual choice of St. George Island in Florida's Big Bend.  Middle, and Little are looking forward to the Atlantic surf instead of the tame waters of the Gulf.  The Mister and I are thinking that we are going to enjoy spending some afternoons in Charleston, despite the no-doubt torrid temperatures we will face.


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