A Day at the Beach

We arrived in Charleston late in the afternoon and crossed the Cooper River on the beautiful Arthur J. Ravenel Bridge to head out to the sea islands. The old Cooper River Bridge was steep and narrow, and quite honestly made my palms sweaty every time I had to cross it—whether I was driving or not! old cooper river bridgeAlthough I never lived in Charleston,  I remember crossing the old bridge numerous times,  but two are particularly memorable.  Once, I was coming inland, to avoid Tropical Storm (Hurricane?) Gloria, and the wind was much stiffer than usual; I could actually hear the bridge creaking!   Another terrifying crossing occurred one February in falling snow—a rarity in Charleston.  The Ravenel Bridge is a beautiful example of engineering and architecture of which Charleston and Mount Pleasant are rightfully proud.  IMG_2180 The Mister, however, seemed to think that someone really should have taken the time to paint the pockets and fly on these super long jeans!
A lot of chop on our first day out, but still so beautiful!IMG_2185IMG_2188
IMG_2198IMG_2208IMG_2199 I think he would follow her anywhere. 
(And, please God, don’t let anyone take a picture of me walking down the beach from behind!)


  1. It looks like a perfect day. From bridge to beach.

  2. The bridge is amazing, I agree about the photo from behind, that would be enough to spoil my holiday.

  3. Stunning photographs... gorgeous bridge indeed. I am laughing at your husband's comment about painting pockets on the legs!

    Thank you for your kind words yesterday.

  4. *sigh* youth is definately wasted on the young!

  5. What a great last vacation before school starts!

    Oh, and I haven't (you either LOL) posted the picture of our meeting as I think it is just atrocious of me! Yuck!

  6. Looks like yall had so much fun! Safe travels!


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