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It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been almost two weeks since I packed our Halloween decorations away until next year, but I so enjoy this season that I wanted to do a quick post on Thanksgiving decorations around the T&C house. IMG_2642 It’s a hectic time of year, so I do my best to keep it simple by adding to my existing fall decorations.  All the Jack O’Lanterns are replaced with a mix of real and faux gourds and pumpkins.  The Mister found the large resin pumpkin at Mast General Store and knew that I would love it.  IMG_2644 IMG_2645
The silver and copper-toned pumpkins along with the white ones are still resting on the sideboard, but I do add a bronze Tom turkey and a few feathers to the scene.IMG_2666This Tom turkey is a new addition this year.  I’m usually not drawn to glitter, but something about this bird was awfully appealing.IMG_2662 Of course, my favorite Thanksgiving decorations are the homemade—especially when made by our children.  Below is a Florida pine cone turkey made by Big, when he was in nursery school.  I think it might’ve had googly eyes at one point, but they’ve long since vanished.  Gone the way of the vacuum cleaner, no doubt.IMG_2660 And, dear Middle made this masterpiece Pilgrim portrait when he was in “Miss Shawnie’s” school.  I didn’t always keep their childhood artwork, especially when the child’s main contribution was gluing pre-cut pieces, but there is something so “Middle” about this Pilgrim that it will always have a place of honor in our house!IMG_2661
Doesn’t this fellow look as if he might’ve had his little Pilgrim finger in the pumpkin pie?


  1. Beautiful! I, too, love & treasure the masterpieces our little hands have made over the years. I'm very impressed with the Mister's purchase ~ he did good!! Can you believe we are almost 1/2 way through November?

  2. oh how cute is that little mischievous

    it almost made me forget the rest of
    your beautiful thanksgiving decor.


  3. I agree, I do think that pilgrim is standing there, one toe on the floor, swaying back and forth, looking up at you under the lashes, smiling that "I am so cute, you couldn't possibly be mad at me" look. I love that, and I would hang it up every year too.

  4. What great Thanksgiving decorations! Love the handmade pilgrim!

  5. loving the silver pumpkins--so elegant and perfect for Thanksgiving! Have a great weekend!

  6. Oh thank you. Your lovely home got me in the Thanksgiving spirit! Your children's decorations are just delightful. I know I treasure the little projects my son has made in nursery school so far. I'm sure I'll be getting them out to display every year!


  7. I keep all the special pieces too...he has a look like 'Whaaaaaa? Moi?' LOL

    I love your decor!


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