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When Lisa at The Lisa Porter Collection invited her readers to post their Christmas gift lists, I was intrigued.  Some readers posted gifts they would love to receive; others named gifts they planned to give.  Still others linked with themed lists of luxuries, stocking stuffers, and so on.  After some thought, I decided to give a shout-out to my adopted home state of South Carolina, which in addition to manufacturing BMW suvs and Bose electronics, General Electric jet turbines and Michelin tires (See? Not everything is made in China!) produces some wonderful artisanal wares, great for holiday gifts or for almost any other occasion throughout the year! pawleys island hammock Made in Charleston and its surrounding sea islands, sweetgrass baskets are beloved by tourists and collected by natives and museums.  Baskets may be purchased through The City of Charleston.
deluxe-cotton-rope-hammock-th Another iconic Lowcountry product is the Pawley’s Island Rope Hammock; none compare for comfort or durability.  And, these wonderful hammocks  are still made of hardwood and rope on Pawley’s Island, elegantly shabby, as always.  To buy, click The Original Pawleys Island Rope Hammock.
joggling board edmonston allston house
This is one I’d like for myself, although I don’t have a suitable porch for a joggling board at the moment.  Years from now, though, I’d love to see a gaggle of grandchildren, ice cream cones in hand, bouncing on a joggling board at the T&C house.  To read about or purchase, click  The Old Charleston Joggling Board Company.
southern tide poloMiddle’s friend’s cousin, while a university student, decided it was time to create the perfect polo and, shortly thereafter, the new traditional clothing company Southern Tide was launched.  The company offers a huge selection of beautifully made men’s polos as well as a few women’s items.   Word is that Santa thinks their bowties are pretty swell.anson mills gritsThe Palmetto State offers lots of great gifts for foodie friends and family.  Anson Mills grits are ground fresh and shipped each Tuesday, but Anson Mills offers so much more than grits.  If you’re at all interested in the slow food movement, take a look around their beautiful website, Anson Mills.mrs sassards artichoke relish I would love it if Santa put a jar or two of this delight in my stocking!  Mrs. Sassard’s Jerusalem Artichoke Relish is so, so good—on a cracker, with pork tenderloin, straight out of the jar.  It has the perfect sweet, spicy, heat, crunch mixture; it is available only in select Charleston area groceries or by ordering from the Lee Bros. Boiled Peanut catalog.shopGoldRice For the cook, here’s the gold standard—authentic and affordable—available through Carolina Plantation Rice.youngs pecans Finally, if you enjoy pecans—fresh, roasted, salted, honey-dipped, spicy, and especially chocolate-dipped, Young’s pecans are the best.  To order, visit Young Plantations.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this small (and incomplete) sampling of terrific South Carolina products, all of which—except for the joggling board—I’ve personally purchased and enjoyed.
What are your favorite local products to give as gifts?

I was not compensated for this post; for me, it was pure enjoyment.  (And, a fun way to finish my shopping!)


  1. Love my Charleston baskets... Mike calls them my $100.00 bread baskets and reminds EVERY TIME we past by my last purchase!

    You forgot to mention Adluh Flour, from Columbia. Best biscuits ever made from Adluh!

  2. Judson reports that Southern Tide is way cooler at Ole Miss than Vineyard Vines. FYI! We have the ST croakies and koozies, but the shirts are a little "dear" considering that he loses everything!

  3. I LOVE this kind of list!
    Paying homage to the place that you love is just wonderful. So glad that you were able to join me and the others at TLPC. There are some really teriffic lists to look at and your is at the top!
    xo Lisa

  4. I recently found Southern Tide along with your wonderful blog and I love them both! Well Done!

  5. love all your SC shoutouts! (love to buy things that aren't made in China!!)

  6. I think it's great that you're featuring the wonderful gift ideas in your area! I try to support local artisans as well. Those baskets are so pretty...I have never heard of joggling board. What fun!


  7. Oh a few too many edible treats!! My husband adores artichokes so might have to check out the relish and I'm embarrassed to admit that this northerner has never heard of a joggling board!

  8. I love how you showed us things right here from the good ole USofA! Great list (cute boy showing off the shirt too!).
    Merry Christmas!

  9. I had never heard of a Joggling Board before; but now I just have to have one.

    Thanks for posting about this fascinating item!



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