Where the Treetops Glisten

IMG_2984 The upcountry of South Carolina is enjoying its first White Christmas since 1963. 

Baby, it’s cold outside!


  1. Here we sit in the lowcountry ALL jealous of that snow you're getting. ENJOY!

  2. Your home is beautiful in its blanket of white. Snow on Christmas is such a special treat.

    We have blizzard warnings here in CT. Not to worry, I have plenty of wine and chocolate to see us through thte storm :)


  3. I would love the snow a little more if I got to stay home with no travel. We got just a little this morning, but it did not stick. Your home looks beautiful with a light dusting of snow.

  4. Snow just makes Christmas so magical! So happy so many Southerners were able to experience it. We are getting the BLIZZARD today and although it messed up our travel plans to head a little north, we are enjoying staying put with our family, a warm fire and fun Christmas gifts. If only the EAGLES weren't canceled, it would be awesome!

    Merry, Merry to you.

  5. Wow - since 1963??!! Your home looks lovely - glistening! We received a blanket of over 16" - it's beautiful - truly a white Christmas!!

  6. We had a bit on the 26th. It was so lovely... I am ready for for some warmer temps though!

    Loved the Christmas card! Looking forward to (hopefully) y'all coming down in a few months!

  7. Your house looks so lovely and magical in the snow! We got quite a bit too. Stay warm...Hope you had a great Christmas!


  8. Came across your blog and just had to say your home is BEAUTIFUL!


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