My Funny Valentine

Opposites attract, so they say, and after observing couples for the past 25 or so years, I’d have to agree.   The introvert is drawn to the extrovert.  The slob is enthralled by the neatnik.  The planner seeks out the spontaneous one.  The spender counts on the saver, and on it goes.  And that’s just in my marriage!  You can guess who is who in each of the above pairs, but I will tell you that the Mister and I are complete polar opposites when it comes to surprises.  He loves them, loves them, while I tend to tolerate them, at best.  I am an “anticipator”; I love looking forward to events, trips, purchases, outings.  And that is why I found the perfect Valentine’s gift for us to share this year.  Tickets! Red-Ticket-Raffle-300x232 

Tickets to what?  Tickets to see Bob Newhart, one of America’s comedic treasures!   The Mister, who finds Bob Newhart extremely funny, will be surprised, in part thanks to my stealthily planting the idea that tickets were sold out weeks ago.  (They were; I just didn’t mention that I’d already purchased a pair.)


Meanwhile, I have the rest of the month to look forward to our evening out, planning what to wear and where we’ll go for dinner.   And, of course, I’m looking forward to the talent of the thoughtful, wry Bob Newhart.  

Some of my dear younger readers may not know Bob Newhart’s work.   In addition to being  the star of the now classic television programs The Bob Newhart Show and  Newhart, he may be most familiar as Buddy’s adoptive North Pole father in the Christmas film, Elf.  elf2

Even more recently, Newhart has taken some dramatic roles in the shows NCIS  and Desperate Housewives.  However, it’s his slightly stammering deadpan delivery paired with his insightful thoughts on everyday life that are sure to make this evening a comedic delight. 

And it will come as no surprise that I’m really looking forward to it!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


  1. Oh I am sooo jealous! We might be a wee bit younger but we absolutely love Bob Newhart and just watched a special about his life and career the other night. He is hilarious! I am like you in that I love the anticipation of something and my hubby loves the element of really is fun to balance each other out in that way! I hope you have an absolutey wonderful time and that you will post pics from your night! :-)

  2. So funny can relate to the whole opposites very true, it keeps the spice in things though, doesn't it and always makes for a lively debate! Wishing you a wonderful Valentines Day as well and enjoy Bob! Hes a wonderful man......who has entertained generations for a long time now....

  3. Now that's a marvelous (and creative) way to celebrate this holiday. Have fun!

  4. Oh what fun!! We both love Bob Newhart - my husband would have been thrilled with this surprise!! What a thoughtful and fun gift. Have a wonderful time - I'll be with you in spirit!!

  5. Oh what fun! Did you know (or maybe this is urban legend) that he was an accountant before he was a comedian/actor?!?!


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