My Really Funny Valentine

So, last night as I was waiting to pick up Little, I realized that I missed the deadline to order a school Valentine for her.  Yes, I received both the recorded voice mail and the email that the PTA was again attempting extortion, I mean, having a fund-raiser. 
For a small sum, we could order Little a special Valentine flower made of Hershey Kisses that would be delivered to her seventh period class.  I honestly meant to do it, but somehow I just forgot.   Sitting in the dark, quiet car it was easy to envision mean girls taunting her, or even worse, to picture her sitting at her desk, thinking no one loves me.

Of course, I came to my senses pretty quickly, and decided to be proactive.  She hopped in the car, and I broached the subject gently. 
Me: “Little, I need to apologize for something.  I forgot to order a Valentine to be delivered during your last class.”
Little: “Oh, okay.  Don’t worry about it.”
Me: “Well, I’m really sorry, but you know how much we love you.  And you know, you did get to go see the Justin Bieber movie in 3D this weekend.”    (And believe me, the irony of that movie being called Never Say Never is not lost on me!)  “And, I have a few little Valentine surprises for tomorrow, too.”
Little: “Mom, it’s okay.”
Me:  “Well, I just know it might be hard when a lot of your friends are getting a Valentine, and you aren’t.  I’m really sorry, honey.”
Little: “Mom, really, it’s okay. I’ve  got it worked out.”
Me: “What do you mean, you’ve ‘got it worked out?’’
Little: “I found some money in my bookbag, so I just ordered one.  Some moms were selling them in the lunchroom.”
Me: “Well, what did you tell them?”
Little: “I just ordered one for Little in Mrs. Jones’ class. They didn’t know me, so I just said say it’s from a friend.”
Me: “So, you just ordered yourself a Valentine?!”
Little: “Well, yeah, Mom.  I wanted to make sure I got  one.”
That’s my girl.


  1. I'm thinking "Little" will go very far in life ~ precious girl!

  2. Also, where did Little get her peace sign headband, if you don't mind sharing, I have 5 little girls (3 who would know what it was and 2 who would have to have it just because the other 3 did) who would love one like that! Thanks!

  3. LOVE THIS!! Sooooo cute, and I am so glad I read this....sometimes you know you are rushing and just skim! Well this is one worth reading the whole way through....gotta love that little girl! One smart and confident cookie...and resourceful too. No feeling sorry for herself..really admirable. You have done yourself proud!
    On that note, have a wonderful and blessed Valentines Day!

  4. Very cute! Sounds like a girls that knows how to get what she wants! You may have been rushed and accidently over looked this but I think you handled it wonderfully and she obviously has already learned quite a bit from you! Great post!

  5. This girl is going places for sure - LOVE the initiative!! Those cupcakes look just a tad TOO delicious! And laughed out loud at the Justin Bieber comment - have managed so far to avoid that one!!

  6. I love that she is a take charge girl! I know how you felt though. I missed Sumter's second nine weeks awards day and felt sooooooo awful. I wrote him a special note and had it in his seat when I picked him up after school.

  7. I'm gobsmacked that the school would do this to raise funds. How incredibly insensitive. Is this common?

  8. Your little is hilarious!!!! How sweet!

  9. Super cute and smart little girl! How old is she?

  10. That is one of the funniest things I've ever heard! Good Job, Little.


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