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My life is full, and I am grateful.  Some days, though, I wish that the pace could be a bit slower.  Maybe you feel that way from time to time, too.   If so, I’ve found the perfect respite in Micanopy, Florida.  Only a short drive off Interstate 75, Micanopy (pronounced MICK-uh-nope-ee) is a place where time truly seems to stand still.

Established in 1821, Micanopy’s town fathers recorded  600 residents.  Today, there are about 650.
Cholokka Boulevard is the town’s main street and the address of the Episcopal Church of the Mediator, where the Mister and I were able to take a quiet walk around the churchyard.
IMG_3545 From the church, we walked right over to the Mosswood Farm Store and Bake House to have a cup of coffee.IMG_3546 Of course, once inside we browsed through the organic and fair trade offerings before making our way to the bakery counter.  We split a small spinach feta tart while we sat outside, listening to the chirping birds.IMG_3549Just across the street is the magnificent antebellum Herlong Mansion, where preparations for a wedding were underway.IMG_3547IMG_3548
Next time, I hope to take a look around the interior.  IMG_3554Micanopy’s quiet streets are home to several antiques shops.  Old Florida items seem to be the focus, with everything ranging from Native American pieces to Henry Flagler era items to the most kitschy souvenirs you can imagine. IMG_3550The “garage” building in the photo above was part of the streetscape for the 1991 film Doc Hollywood, which was filmed in Micanopy.  The movie starred Michael J. Fox, who portrayed a young doctor on his way to Los Angeles. While en route, he caused a car accident in the fictional town of Grady and was sentenced a week’s community service in the local hospital.  It was during filming that Fox first noticed signs of early onset Parkinson’s disease.  The town of Micanopy has continued to celebrate its moment in the sun by establishing a Doc Hollywood event, which honors a local, rural physician and raises funds for Parkinson’s research at the nearby University of Florida in Gainesville. IMG_3556Today, the garage building houses a used bookstore, with room after room filled with out-of-print and esoteric volumes. IMG_3555 This is one of two used bookstores in Micanopy, and the Mister and I wandered around both for a good long while as classical music played.
After that, we had a bowl of black bean soup and yellow rice on the patio of the Old Florida Cafe.  Then, we took a meandering drive through the live oaks to the Mister’s folks’ house and celebrated his beautiful mother’s 77th birthday!
Talk about time standing still!


  1. You know, there are days when that place would look like heaven to me. It is so nice to find a quiet spot and slow down for a bit. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos! We are heading on a road trip for Spring Break in April that will take us to FL. so I will have to see if this little spot of tranquility would be a convenient stop over!

  2. What a beautiful post. And your mother in law doesn't look a day over 60!

  3. I cannot tell you enough how much this post resignated wiht me! The moss on the trees, the quaint local shops and small cafe, the local wedding (probably most of the town was invited, even if its not true..let me beleive it as part of the "fairytale" :) The tiny chapel and the sign advertising all the homemade delights..what heaven!! YES YES YES I too dream of just getting away from the rat race, today was a hectic day of non stop appts and driving all over timbutu...now I have 30 min. of "decompression" before we have to head out at 6 to be somewhere which I know will mean a late night. I dream of going to a small, lazy town where the pace slows down to a crawl. Would I go crazy after awhile? I used to think yes without a doubt...but now...with my crazy life and hectic gerber on a wheel pace....it sounds mighty appealing:)

  4. What a charming town - and what enormous growth - 50 people in 90 years!! Like some of the other commenters, It was lovely to read about such a slow paced somehow old fashioned community. Your Mother-in-law looks like a pretty spry 77 - must be all that slow living!1

  5. Quintessence, I think it's just the opposite actually. My MiL never stands still! She walks everyday, exercises at a local gym, and volunteers three days a week at the St. Vincent dePaul Society. She is vibrant!

  6. AHHHHH.....I so agree with the Enchanted House....Thanks!!

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