When You Need It Bad


S-s-s-see you in a few days!



  1. Great old video. Gotta get my wood racquet out again for some tennis in Florida!

  2. OH - lucky lucky you!! At least I got a laugh at the plastic bag coat!! Have a wonderful time!!

  3. that is awesome - where on earth did you find that??!! too funny. going to FL for the long weekend? have a fabulous time. we hit the high 60s yesterday, got the bikes out of the garage, cracked open the bubbles, played on the playground. everyone was so happy and the kids smelled like sunshine. it was glorious. I know winter will still rear its ugly head, but even a couple days reprieve and I'm a new person!

  4. I remember that jingle! And that is what NY has been like this winter - I DO need it bad. Have a wonderful time!


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