Come Rain or Come Shine

Oh, that Spring!  Forsythia

She’s quite the flirt, flouncing around the Carolinas, tossing her billowy clouds and flashing her sunshine the last week of February and the first week of March.   Eastern-Redbud-tree

Then, just when she’s knows you’re interested, just when you think maybe I could have a relationship with the outdoors again, she’s gone, leaving nothing behind but chilling rain and a few blossoms strewn about like discarded tissues blotted with lipstick kisses.magnolia-jane

It’s enough to break your heart, all that cold and gray.  Again.

Here’s the thing about Spring, though--she can’t stay away.  She’ll be back, and when she sashays in, I’ll be ready for her. 

In this

persimmon trench or this.

navy check

Yes, when Spring finally gets here, I’m gonna love her like nobody’s loved her, come rain or come shine!


  1. Oooooo nice raincoats!!!!
    Now I am inspired to look for a new one!

  2. Love the gingham trenches! The beautiful pink blooms on our neighbor's flowering plums were decimated by our last rainstorm. Early spring is indeed a fleeting thing.

  3. Those are darling raincoats! And they have hoods too which is a must here in the NW (no umbrellas for us!). I have a book that calls March the madcap month and I definitely agree. One minute the sun is streaming in and the next we have a torrential downpour! I'm ready for those sunny days to come and stay for sure! :-)

  4. I love those rain coats! I can put up with a little rain as long as the coat is stylish. :)

  5. Your blooming trees are beautiful. I love the tulip magnolia. It reminds me of a drawing from a children's book when I was little. I tried growing on once but had no luck. I think I must come to visit to your trees. :) xoxo

  6. Exactly how I feel - what a tease spring has been, although today is looking promising!! No flowers yet here though. Love your gingham raincoat - my daughter has the mini version!!

  7. i love that song, those adorable raincoats, and your
    elusive spring! that's a great line: "like discarded
    tissues blotted with lipstick kisses."


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