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As I mentioned several  posts ago here, the Mister and I recently spent a few days mixing business with pleasure in Saint Simons Island, Georgia.  We are blessed to be business partners with some dear friends, and we meet each year to make plans, review what’s working and what, unfortunately, isn’t, and well, have a business meeting.

After the daylong meeting, our entire group meets at the home of the company’s founders, B and C, for dinner.  This year, C made an amazing meal for us—before our eyes—that was reflective of his travels.  Please excuse the photo quality, but I was more interested in socializing and eating than in taking great pictures!

IMG_3590 On the stovetop, C prepared a sizzling combination of sliced potatoes and corn from Guam.  He began by slightly charring the corn and potatoes, and then cooked them at high heat with some tasty seasonings. IMG_3591

While we met at the offices and warehouse, two pork shoulder roasts were cooking in two slow cookers until they were fork tender.  C told me that he usually cooked the roasts in a low oven all day, but he decided to try the slow cooker method since he was away from home.IMG_3601 The roast and potato accompaniment were put on platters, and guests were invited to serve themselves by filling a soft flour tortilla with pork and then topping it with C’s amazing vinegar and red pepper slaw.  Oh. my. goodness.  No one had reservations about enjoying second helpings.IMG_3604

Regrettably I didn’t get a decent picture of the slaw or of the delicious Spanish bean salad that we also devoured.  The desserts, however, were American cake bites from Saint Simons’ top bakery, Sweet Mama’s.  After dessert, C and B offered a lovely light wine.  From there, it was a short trip to the Land of Nod, which was waiting for us only steps away in the beautiful and well-appointed guest house.


The sitting area, which includes a marvelous teak table from Indonesia.


The view from the guest house, which I can only imagine is even more lovely when the grass is greened up and the sun is shining.


Two Murphy beds provide comfortable sleeping arrangements for a family. IMG_3607 When the beds are concealed behind the gorgeous Indonesian doors, the guest house becomes the perfect pool house.


Many thanks to B and C for your incredible hospitality—the Mister and I are most grateful!

Where is your favorite place to travel on business?


  1. Going to SSI is like picking up Marietta and dropping it on the beach (many, many people here have second homes there and you don't want to go there for spring break if you want to be anonymous!) We looked at a few houses down there a couple of years ago before the bottom dropped out of the economy--I suspect now would be a good time to buy. And of course, Georgia Methodists make their pilgrimage to Epworth by the Sea for's a great place and what an awesome location for the "home office"! We should all be so lucky!

  2. I looove SSI!!! What a fabulous "guest" house!!! LOVE those doors!

  3. Okay, I want to go there right now! The food, the sites, looks amazing!

  4. How how wonderful! What a great house! What great food! B and C seem like great people with very good taste:).

  5. the food - YUM YUM, the accomodations - perfect. I sadly woke to snow this morning. it didn't last, but just seeing the white from my window made me want to crawl back under the covers and not be woken until things are green again. my business trip taking days are long gone, but when I did I was lucky enough to work for a company that had it's European headquarters in Geneva, which always made for a nice trip!

  6. Looks wonderful!! I always seem to catch the food posts when I'm hungry - looks delicious!! What a lovely way to get business done!

  7. I will be putting this place on my "GO TO" short list....thanks. What wonderful business partners you have. The feast looked YUMMY!

  8. You had me at St. Simon's Island! What a beautiful place it is.
    Favorite meeting place for biz (monkey biz) would be The Point, Saranac Lake, New York.


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