Virginia is for lovers

Or so they say.  We’ll see, as the Mister and I set out for a weekend away.  Alone. 

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Sort of. 

We’re heading to northern Virginia to cheer on Middle’s lacrosse team as they play one of the East Coast’s top teams.  So, that will be fun—unless it’s cold and rainy, but I’m thinking raider

We’re staying at a Starwood Resort, so that will be nice.  We’re planning to stop in Charlottesville for a look around, and we might visit Monticello, although we’ve both been before.


So, dear readers, I’m looking for advice about what else to see in the Charlottesville area besides lacrosse.  circa

Do you know of any great antiques shops?feast

  And, of course, tell me your favorite place to get a bite!

Thank you in advance.  I can’t wait to hear your recommendations!



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  1. If you have time, go to Montpelier, now restored to look just as it did when Madison lived there.

    Also worth visiting (if you're both house people) is Poplar Forest. Jefferson's home away from home:

    You don't say just where you'll be, but you might also walk through Middleburg and then drive a few minutes more to Upperville and have lunch or dinner at Hunters Head Tavern.

  2. Hi! Well as one "lax mom" to the next...I had no idea, we really do have a lot in common! I am all to familiar with traveling all over for lacrosse, thats all we did all summer last year and its even more this year because now he is going to invitational camps AND we might find ourselves in two states in a single!
    So...its super important for you to take some time out for yourself and do something relaxing and enjoyable....last time we were there we went to Fleurie...a french restaurant, it was really really good. I would do some googling to be sure it still is, but at that time it was considered to be one of the better places...maybe ask around. Enjoy, Charlotsville is a beautiful and charming place indeed!

  3. I went to Monticello several months ago for a private tour. The dining room has recently been returned to its original splendid golden yellow- marvelous on a sunny day.

    Check out And George Antiques while you are there......

  4. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I'm building a Presidential home tour punctuated by lacrosse games and great meals.

  5. A long-popular dining [and lodging] spot is Boar's Head Inn in Charlottesville proper, with several dining venues located under the resort umbrella of BH, easy and consistent. Sometimes when you're on the road, "consistent" takes on enormous value. If you're feeling overwhelmed and need to breathe small breaths, go west of C a bit to Ivy, Virginia -- a tiny little crossroads of feel-good shops and restaurants. I'm a jealous wreck you're there in C-ville and I'm not!

  6. I echo the Ancient's recommendations. Both Montpelier and Poplar Forest are high on my list to visit (for the first time) when I am next in the area.

  7. It sounds like *the* perfect weekend - A little college action, new restaurants and shopping finds. Perfect. I miss our son playing lacrosse. He did take his stick to school but they don't have a team. What position does he play and how did the game turn out? :)

  8. Have fun! ...Although I wish you were coming to Aiken! ;)

  9. Can't help you at all but sounds like a lovely weekend. Will keep my fingers crossed for good weather!

  10. oooh, have fun!!! it has been lovely here in cville! shoot me an email if you're in need of some suggestions of things to do!

  11. Yikes...joining in too late I think. My sis lives in Charlottesville and I we visit all the time. Our family's favorite place is MARTIN's on route 29 just a little north of the college. It's where most of the Dave Mathews band hung out. It's a no frills hamburger place - much like five guys, but BETTER! Family run, and great food. Also, my sis's son plays for Abermarle High School...did your middle play against that team?
    Were you there during the great book fest?
    Hope you had fun!

  12. Be sure to go to the Caspari store on the downtown mall. It is AMAZING!



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