Prince Charming

Somewhat unbelievably, Little did indeed join me to watch the Royal Wedding this morning.  She came downstairs and snuggled up with me on the sofa sometime between the arrival of Queen Elizabeth and that of Kate Middleton.kate in car

We agreed that Kate looked beautiful, and that her dress was “a princess dress.”

ss-110429-wedding-ceremony-16.ss_fullI told Little that I was looking forward to seeing Prince William’s face when he saw his bride. 5. prince william and prince harry And that was when Little asked her first slightly surprising question, “Which one is Prince William?”

will and harry

To which I replied, “Prince William is the one in the red.”

And then, “Mama, why did she pick the bald one?  I would’ve taken the one with hair.” 

will and kate ap

All the best to Princess Catherine and the one she chose!


  1. Tee hee hee. love that...but I like bald guys myself. Wow...didn't realize how balding he was until I saw your photos here. I was NOT paying attention this morning.

  2. That is PRICELESS! You have to write your daughter's comment down because that is just too funny and sweet. :-)

  3. How cute! Harry does have great hair, although he seems to have a problem finding a comb!

  4. From the mouths of babes! Clearly, Harry inherited Diana's thick tresses. It was a beautiful wedding - such fun watching the festivities!

  5. But he has a sense of humor! Lip readers reported that he said to Kate's father, "I thought we were having a simple family wedding" or something like that when Kate and father arrived at the altar.
    I got up at 2:15 and watched until 4:30. A lovely day indeed.

  6. That little is a character!! Too cute. Did you tell her its because he will be king Harry does have the hair, no doubt and the spunk, but William has the regal qualities of a king and certainly seems like a refined gentleman and I think he and Kate seem truly in was a beautiful wedding to see this morning..I ate it up!

  7. I'm with your darling little one... I'd have taken the one with the hair too! ;)

  8. I'm of the opinion that Harry is much more appealing. Maybe not in the traditional good looking way, but what a sparkle and spunkiness he has! If only we could have been there for the big party last night and heard his toasts!

  9. How particularly wonderful that in her world Kate got to pick.

  10. why because he will be king one day. right? just kidding! i loved every minute of it, from the wonderful hats to the two kisses on the balcony. my nana (who was british) would have loved it. kate & william looked so happy and in love!. balding and all! :)


  11. LOL...what a preciously, simple observation! If it were only that easy, hmm? So glad you got to share this with your little princess.


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