Reach out, reach out and touch someone

If you're of a certain age, you may remember when the corporation now known simply as ATT, broadcast a commercial that urged us all to "reach out, reach out and touch someone" via American Telephone & Telegraph's long-distance service.  As I recall, the commercials were kind of endearing.  Now, of course, ATT is all about fiber optics and networks and data streaming and, well, now I'm in over my head  . . . .

The point of this rambling post is to say that after much diagnostic testing of my laptop, it turns out the trouble was with my network.  And tonight, a techie named "Leonard," who I suspect lives in India, was--after an hour and a half of asking me to "kindly click on restore" and "kindly click on re-set" on about 3,100 various dialog boxes--able to troubleshoot my problem.  "Thank you for choosing AT&T."

Yes, indeed, not having internet service has been an inconvenience for me, but not being treated as inconvenience was quite refreshing.

More posts to come.

I've been saving up.


  1. I go nuts when the computer doesn't work as it should! I too was on the phone with our local CenturyLink for two hours (thank goodness for head sets!!). Problem solved....but oh so tedious. Glad you're back up too!

  2. Dish also outsources. I actually had a nice conversation with the guy and learned a lot about India! Depending on my mood, I think I probably should take advantage of the "round the world" experience!


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