What Language Shall I Borrow?

     O sacred Head, now wounded, 
 with grief and shame weighed down, 
 now scornfully surrounded 
 with thorns, thine only crown: 
 how pale thou art with anguish, 
 with sore abuse and scorn! 
 How does that visage languish 
 which once was bright as morn! 

 What thou, my Lord, has suffered 
 was all for sinners' gain; 
 mine, mine was the transgression, 
 but thine the deadly pain. 
 Lo, here I fall, my Savior! 
 'Tis I deserve thy place; 
 look on me with thy favor, 
 vouchsafe to me thy grace. 

 What language shall I borrow 
 to thank thee, dearest friend, 
 for this thy dying sorrow, 
 thy pity without end? 
 O make me thine forever; 
 and should I fainting be, 
 Lord, let me never, never 
 outlive my love for thee.

Choral music and images, Kings College.  Video courtesy of Youtube.


  1. Hello:
    Just as the Nine Lessons and Carols from King's College Chapel is the perfect way, in our view, to start Christmas, so this is a most wonderful introduction to Easter.

    We have much enjoyed looking at and reading your most interesting and varied blog, which we have come across by chance. We have signed up as Followers so as not to miss any future posts.

    A very Happy Easter to you.

  2. What a wonderful song and sung so beautifully in the clip!
    Wishing you and your lovely family a blessed Easter where He will rise again!

  3. such an anointed and beautifully moving hymn. sometimes
    there are no words. music fills in nicely.

  4. The architecture is fabulous, too. The enormous stained glass windows and almost no walls are awe-inspiring.

  5. beautiful! happy Easter!

    xo, Tessa


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