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Here in the U. S. Monday, of course, is Memorial Day—a day set aside to remember those who gave their lives in service to our country.  Celebratory parades and somber wreath-laying services can be found in almost every community, and both can be a wonderful way to express our gratitude and honor the sacrifices made.
Another way to honor those who have served is by displaying our flag.  Not only is the flag a symbol of our country, it’s a festive way to brighten up your house for summertime.
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Despite needing larger bunting beneath the windows and bigger flags (and more greenery!) in our urns, the Mister and I do like displaying the red, white, and blue for Memorial Day.  And, we pull it all back out for the Fourth of July and Veteran’s Day, too!
Do you decorate in patriotic fashion?


  1. I love the displaying of the American flag and in fact remember about the only silver lining during the times surrounding the 9/11 period being the surge of patriotism that we saw all around us, every home proudly displayed their waving American flag, there was no flag too big. Every car a flag sticker graced its bumper. We have so much to be proud of...I wish we wouldn't have to just feel this way on certain holidays...I love the look of the bright crisp stripes and stars proudly waving and like it year round. It is so regal and grand. Beauitful post. Makes me very proud to be an American!

  2. Love all those pictures... And then realized the last one was yours! Lovely! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Love your beautiful colonial! It has a very "Father of the Bride" quality to it!! So pretty, with a home that American looking you gotta deck her out for the holiday!! Could be in a magazine!!



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