Fall de Rol

It seems as if autumn has at last settled on the beautiful upcountry of South Carolina.  The dogwood trees, always the earliest to change, have begun to turn their velvety garnet; the skies are cloudless blue; and pumpkins and chrysanthemums are appearing on neighboring  porches.  Of course, I was eager to add some touches of fall around the T&C house, and I decided to start with the front door.  Typically, I buy some pumpkins and gourds from the farmers’ market and do my best to artfully arrange them on the brick steps, but this year I determined to add a wreath.  This is because I am secretly rather rebellious.IMG_4379You see, earlier this summer I read a column by one of my favorite essayists, Julia Reed, in one of my favorite publications, Garden & Gun.  Miss Reed proposed that one should have only Christmas wreaths, implying that all others were tacky.  Well!  I’ve never had a fall wreath before, but after reading Miss Reed’s tongue-in-cheek column, I wanted to give it a go.  (Admittedly, finding a corn husk wreath for half price didn’t hurt either.)  The monogram was kind of an afterthought and perhaps a little more overtly cutesy-preppy than I would usually go, but as I told myself, lighten up, it’s not Winterthur you’re decorating! IMG_4370Once inside, I have a wonderful, subtle potpourri mix on an old chest in the front hall.  Middle and Little found the unusual pinecone when we were visiting the Mister’s parents this past summer.IMG_4363In the family room and living room, I like to use some of the blue and white porcelain and Imari bowls I’ve collected as well as wooden ware to bring a bit of fall indoors. IMG_4369A tiny black lacquer tray holds a few gourds and leaves on the desk in the kitchen.IMG_4367 In the summer, these containers sometimes hold lemons or seashells. IMG_2432 In the family room, an old wooden tray rests on the walnut drop leaf sofa table. IMG_4366In front of the fireplace, an old basket holds a mix of gourds and berries.  IMG_4368A few fresh flowers in an old earthenware crock add an appealing scent.IMG_4375IMG_4374On the dining room table, barley twist candlesticks and pedestals are the perfect place to add a few more touches of fall, including Indian corn, dried pomegranates and artichokes, and preserved leaves and acorns. IMG_4371On the sideboard, I added a few white and metallic pumpkins, in hopes of bringing out the colors in my grandmother’s vases and the tole tray.  I’m not sure which one of my darling children stuck the feather, which was subtly tucked in the arrangement, up stick straight, but that’s kind of the way things go around here.  I’m worried this display looks a little “retail,” but it’s awfully nice by candlelight.
I’m still working out the details of our mantel.  I have some oversize glass urns that I’ve filled with river stones, and I have clipped some small branches of colored leaves to fill them out.  Little is keen to decorate for Halloween, but I’ve told her we have to wait a bit and enjoy autumn for itself.
What about you?  Do you have any favorite fall traditions?


  1. Pretty. I love apple picking and the fall days that are warmer than they are supposed to be. :)

  2. Everything looks beautiful! Your house is gorgeous!

    The nice thing about having Thanksgiving in October is it gives us an Autumn dividing line. leading up to it we enjoy simply fall decor. After Thanksgiving we can think about Halloween.

  3. Wow this is so beautiful! I love your attention to detail its subtle and oh so very elegant. Exactly how I would do it....in fact so wishing I was in my house to decorate for fall, but in the meantime I am enjoying seeing everyone else's beautiful vignettes...love each and every one of yours!

  4. Hmm...I hit "post comment" and it all just went away, so I'm not sure if that worked or not. Just in case it didn't, I'll say it again. I LOVED your retail comment (as I've had the same thought about stuff in my house), and your dining room table looks like harvest should arrive any minute and I LOVE that! :-) Blessings! (And sorry if this posts twice!)

  5. I have to respectfully disagree with Ms. Reed. Your Fall wreath is lovely and the monogram is a nice touch.
    I took down the last of my Summer decorations last night and can't decide if I should do the Halloween decor first and then move into the Fall/Thanksgiving decor, or create a slight faux pas, skip Halloween decor and move right into Fall. If it were not for the fact that I have young children, I would go right into Fall decorating.

  6. Yes, we have lots of fall traditions...one of my favorite is to rake leaf piles and let the kids play in them...they have so much fun! and it is great fun to watch... our little dog gets in on the action too.

    Love your sideboard decor...really pretty! and your wreath is wonderful.

  7. pumpkin picking, apple picking and then using them all up!

  8. you could teach that magazine a thing or two!
    your home always looks so beautiful, and i
    steal some of your ideas!

  9. Your autumn touches are just beautiful. That wreath with your monogram is cute and so welcoming.


  10. It is all very pretty! I love the metallic pumpkin display. Thank you for linking up with Home Sweet Home!


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