Maybe you can help . . .

Have you ever worked in an office where one of your co-workers was constantly hitting you up to buy chocolate or wrapping paper or oranges to help their child's school or troop or band?  Or maybe your location was more low-key, and when you stopped to re-fill your coffee cup you noticed a sign-up sheet to order a box of Girl Scout cookies.  Well, today, I am that obnoxious person, and it's not really something I'm comfortable doing.  In fact--and Little, Middle, and Big will all verify this--whenever they had to sell something for some organization, I would bite my tongue, buy the minimum, and send in my check.  I am the PTA mother who says, "if every parent would just write a check for $20, we could be done with Boxtops and carnivals and all the rest."  

But Big asked me to post this for his friend and pastor of the church he attends while at school.  After watching it, how could I not?  So, if you are led, then please help a beginning artist share a story of redemption by making a small contribution in the next 24 hours.  

Click here to make a contribution as small as $10, payable through your secure Amazon account.  If KT doesn't raise the money, then you won't be charged, but I hope to see you at the movies!


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