I Pine for You

I pine for you and balsam, too!  Have you seen that corny saying before?  I remember when as a child the light bulb came on, and I finally understood the sentiment I had seen stitched on the tiny sachets of fir needles sold in tourist traps from North Carolina to Maine.  Although I can’t say I’ve “bawled” about it, I have pined for the scent of fresh-cut greens each Christmas season.IMG_2729Every year, the Mister and I and the children have had at least one Frasier fir in our house for the holidays.  The past several years, we’ve made a quick day trip to Cedar Mountain, North Carolina, to cut our tree ourselves.  It’s hard to get fresher than that, right? IMG_2763Once home, the Mister always slices an inch or two off the bottom of the trunk before plunging the tree in water.  He trims it a bit here and there, and I bring the trimmings inside to put in bowls and various containers throughout the house.  Of course, I love how the fresh greens look, but it is that crisp evergreen fragrance that I hope to capture.  Never happens.IMG_2811 Until now, that is.  Yes, this year, our house finally has the clean scent of pine thanks to Thymes Frasier Fir diffuser.  Last year, someone gave me a small Frasier Fir candle, and I enjoyed it so much, burning it dangerously low.  This year I decided to try the Thymes diffuser, and I could not be more pleased.  I’m pretty particular about scents; I really can’t bear anything cloying or harsh.  The Thymes products are not inexpensive, but I definitely think they are worth the cost.  You can see all the options here.
Frasier-Fir-Pinecone-Reed-Diffuser-0528950107-312I chose the pinecone style diffuser pictured above, which is perfectly unobtrusive tucked behind a lamp on a living room side table.   I love coming downstairs in the morning or walking into the house after a long day to be greeted by such a fresh, Christmas-y fragrance!
I have received no compensation for this post, just the pleasure of sharing my find.
Be sure to read all about Reggie Darling’s favorite potpourri here.  I can’t wait to try it!  Do you have a favorite Christmas scent?


  1. Aside from the smell from my tree, it's Diptyque's Myrrhe candle for me, I light it for an hour every night and then all day on Christmas day. I love the smells of Christmas.

  2. Happy Birthday and thank you so much for the tip, I love fragrance like this at the holidays. Reggie's as well!

    Please Come and enter the 12 Days of Holiday giveaways! The current one is from The French Basketeer! It is stunning!

    Art by Karena

  3. One of the shops here used to give out rosemary candles at Christmas...they smell so good! I was in there in January to get something and told the owner how much I love the candles...she handed me a bag of them lol!

  4. that diffuser looks like a great idea--I love the scents of Christmas!

  5. Have you turned the corner yet? See? It wasn't that bad was it? Wishing you a very happy birthday and wonderful year! xoxo :)


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