T-t-t-tick, t-t-t-tock.

Well, I see Blogger finally made good on its threats to switch to a new format, and I am still figuring it all out. Serves me right for not posting in such a long time. Seeing as my younger son, "Middle," is out on his first date, and I'm waiting up for him, I've got a while to noodle around with the new format.

Our older son, "Big," turned 20 this past week. 20. 20!  And, the younger, as I mentioned, is on his first date tonight, which happens to be prom.

And suddenly, I am 108 years old. Really. How does this happen? Of course, when I am in my rational mind, I realize that I have acknowledged for quite some time that I am getting older. A few gray hairs were the harbingers of my transformation. Suddenly (okay, more like insidiously), my chin is lower, my reading glasses are never farther than arms' length away, and people seem to mumble more than they used to. Well, so what? Didn't I just say that I knew I was getting older? Here's the deal, though, it's one thing to know it and quite another to see it.

I remember the first time I heard that a child I once babysat was getting married. I was probably 25 at the time. Click went my brain: I'm getting older. Time is passing. Soon, I had my own children sleeping through the night, walking, making sentences, kicking balls, working on science projects, studying for AP courses, filling out college applications. Click.Click.Click. Now, I'm the one giving encouraging smiles when I see young mothers struggling to get chubby toddler legs through the openings on the child seat in the grocery cart. A few days ago I was in Target, and I couldn't remember the last time I'd been asked if we could go to the toy department--just to look, Mama. For a minute or two, my throat hurt hard and my eyes filled, not with regret but with such. deep. longing.

And now, the younger son, a sophomore in high school taking a junior to prom. Prom!

What a huge event that has become! Nowadays, Prom begins with "the ask" sometimes months ahead of time. Then, there are pictures beforehand, dinner at a restaurant or club, a rented bus to the prom site, a rented bus to an amusement center for the "after Prom" and then back to the club and to homes for "after after" parties.

Really, I can't even think what it will be like when it's Little's turn. Thankfully, that's years away. ClickYears and years. Click.

So, I'm up late tonight. The one who gave me most of my laugh lines has already turned in and is softly snoring.

Me? I'll stay up a while later. I need to figure out how the new Blogger works. And, maybe my throat hurts a little.

Besides, it's raining here.

 Even to your old age and gray hairs 
 I am He, I am He who will sustain you.
 I have made you and I will carry you;   
 I will sustain you and I will rescue you.
                          --Isaiah 46:4


  1. The kids all look so great. The girls have incredible dresses! And time does go by. Luckily some mornings are quiet except for the birds. You write so well - it's lovely to hear your feelings for your children and their childhood.

  2. It's such a catch 22 isn't it???
    My siblings are just beginning to have children and my oldest is picking colleges and in a few months will be old enough to go to war if he wanted. I hold my nieces and shower them with more love and adoration than is probably good for them, while all the while feeling a sadness that cannot be helped. I could never go back to that place yet I still miss those chubby baby thighs, those late night cuddles and the bevvy of "firsts".
    Thank you for sharing that verse. So beautiful.

  3. i hear the same tick tick ticking....

    I turn 109 this week
    and everyone around me is DYING!!!!!!

    I still have toy department requests...
    but my oldest has me running for the therapy department!!!!

    I just said the Divine Mercy....
    the only way I can deal with any of this is through prayer!
    (because I can't drink on antibiotics!!!!!!!)

  4. beautiful prom photos! don't worry mom,
    growing old isn't so bad. your kids become
    some of your dearest friends.

    now the need for glasses, saggy chin, and
    poor hearing isn't too fun. :)

  5. What a lovely post, and a pleasure to read. I'm finding the "new" Blogger format challenging, and not entirely an improvement, either, I might add.

  6. Precious pictures with words that caused tears to fall because I'm wayyyy old with babies who have grown past proms and even weddings and now have babies of their own who are growing way to fast. Yes, the years do go by with such amazing speed ~ in the blink of an eye we're left with only beautiful memories of a time way back when.

  7. I think it's not having children that makes me forget how old I am now! I keep buying dresses and then three weeks later, I realise that really they are for 20 year olds.

  8. Isn't it all FUN. I miss my son, who is away as a college freshman...but he's coming home in two weeks.

  9. A touching post...I've experienced those same feelings. You express so well those emotions of watching our children grow and change. It is incredible how fast those years go by.


  10. Oh my....this post some how has made my throat hurt (is it contagious?) My oldest is 20 also, and my middle is 15...it is passing so very quickly.

    BTW, you have some amazingly handsome young men! I know you are proud!

  11. oh my... You've brought tears to my eyes that I am trying to hold back... My baby boy turns 2 this summer. He is growing so fast and I am trying to cherish every moment, every first. Just thinking of him getting big...

    All of the kids in your photos look beautiful and I hope they had a wonderful night!

  12. Beautiful post. Girl, I can SO identify with this! You brought tears to my eyes. Oldest is 23, middle is 20, and baby is graduating from high school. BUT "old" is a state of mind...our bodies seem to just do their own thing. :)Maybe the bad vision helps us to overlook the saggy chins and all. It certainly keeps me from seeing all the wrinkles as much!
    Your son looks so handsome, and I bet they all had a wonderful time. Enjoy this phase in life. I know I will miss my daughter when she leaves for college next year. (There's a prom post about her buried somewhere on my blog if you care to take a look.)



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