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Countertop Review

This time last year I was packing up our house to prepare for our down-to-the-studs renovation in our kitchen, family room, and master bath as well as the addition of a screened porch. The family room wasn't originally part of the plan, but that's a post for another time. The kitchen was where I really had to plan and scheme, and, yes even fret, to stay in our footprint and budget and to get the function and look I wanted. I love a challenge like this, though, so despite some occasional frustration with my client (aka me! ), I enjoyed the process. A key "want" of mine was honed marble countertops. There are dozens--maybe hundreds--of blog posts, articles, and showroom sites that compare various types of countertop materials and their pros and cons. I read most of them and took notes from a lot of them in the months leading up to our start date. One of the most helpful things was visiting a sweet friend's kitchen, where I was able to ask questions about cleaning, a

Fit for a Queen but Suited to Us

Few posts I've written have received more comments than Good Dog, which was about our faithful Collie, Marian. Many friends and readers hoped we'd add a new pup to our family right away, and although I understand that sentiment, the Mister and I agreed that we wanted a little time.  Our schedules were hectic, and it just didn't seem to be the right moment to introduce a new dog.

A little more than a year went by, and both the Mister and I were looking at the dog rescue sites with regularity. I was advocating for a smaller dog, and I thought a Corgi or two would be an obvious fit for  me  us.

The Mister remained firm in his search for a Collie. We had reached an impasse.

While at the beach with the Mister's family, we mentioned our stalemate to the Mister's mother, who noted that she had a friend who bred Corgis and was expecting a litter. The Mister made it plain that he was not interested.

Months went by, and then my mother-in-law called to say that her friend was looking for a home for one of her two dames. This particular dog had had three litters, and her owner didn't want to breed her again. She, the dog, that is, was free to a good home. We were warned that although she was show quality, she'd never done well in the ring because she was a bit headstrong. That didn't put me off a bit; I had no plans to show her or any dog.

Discussion ensued.

This past President's Day weekend, we traveled to Florida and returned with Rincon Channel Islands Charlotte, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, who goes by "Charlie."

Corgis are known for their intelligence, and she is a quick learner. For instance, we can't say the word ball. At all. She doesn't just respond to "Charlie, do you want to go play ball?" She reacts to "When will you be home from the basketball game, Middle?" Unless, we are ready to head outside ball in hand, then we have to s-p-e-l-l it. I'm sure she'll be on to that soon enough.

Reading her card, at her birthday paw-ty
We've also discovered that she is incredibly quirky.

For instance, shortly after we returned from Florida, I got a case of the sniffles. One evening I snuggled under a throw on the sofa to watch a little television. I sneezed, and before I had opened my eyes, Charlie had run across the room, jumped on my chest, and barked! Several minutes later, I sneezed again. Same reaction. We are bewildered by this behavior, unsure if her, um, interest is out of concern, or if she considers a sneeze some sort of challenge. Either way, after almost nine months of being charged whenever we kerchoo, we all flinch whenever we feel a sneeze coming on, even when we're not at home!

The next and perhaps most hilarious example of Charlie's quirkiness was revealed when I innocently pulled out a box of aluminum foil to line a baking dish. As soon as I began to pull the foil across the serrated edge, Charlie went nuts, from dozing peacefully on her bed to barking and snapping, trying to attack the foil! This seemed almost too much to believe, so, of course, the Mister and Middle had to conduct several tests to see if she reacted the same way each time. She did, and her aggression toward aluminum foil has not abated.  Wrapping up Thanksgiving Day leftovers promises to be entertaining, if not downright dangerous.

Nevertheless, we love her, have nicknamed her Mrs. Petmore, and, frankly, can't imagine life without her!

Many thanks to everyone who left a comment, sent an email or text, or even called to welcome me back to the blogsphere. I had no idea anyone would still read this old blog, and I am really humbled by your kindness.


  1. I love her! What a beauty! Her quirky tendencies are so endearing, how wonderful that you've given her such a good home.
    And a big Welcome Back from me too, I'm thrilled to see you posting again.

    1. Thank you, Dani. She's good company. And, although I've not been posting, I have been reading Mop Philosophy all along and loving your stylish sensibility all along.

  2. Welcome back!I have a CARDIGAN CORGI......named SIR WINSTON.He too comes from good stock but I would NEVER show him.Looks like you got yourself a KEEPER!And the MISTER??More in love then ever I bet!!!
    Yes, we too know the word BALL.............they are GREAT DOGS!

    1. Oh, I love the coloring of the Caridgans--such charmers!

  3. Beautiful dog, they are wonderful family pets.

  4. Welcome back! I started back again recently too. It's fun to read the blogs, but it's I missed writing my own posts as I'm sure you did too. Can't wait to see what comes next for us both.

    1. Thanks so much. Glad you are back in the blogsphere, too!

  5. So happy that you are back blogging! I am a lurker and just enjoyed reading your posts and following along with your decorating and mothering of your kids are about the same age as yours so it was good to hear your point of view!

  6. My corgi, Zoe, and I congratulate you on your excellent choice! Did you know the Governor of California has a corgi named Sutter who is the "first dog" of California? Luv your comments about the quirky aspects of corgis. You are right! Zoe goes nuts when we pull out the metal tape measure, actually metal is not one of her favorite things so your foil might qualify as metal? Tummy rubs are paramount, have a happy thanksgiving.

  7. I am so happy that you're back writing! It's some what of a mystery why we like to read about total strangers, other than just being charmed by other people's lives. Along the way we start to feel like you're someone in our circle. The new pet is awfully cute - we have tendency to mix up our syllables so we say "gorkies".
    Thanks for the entertainment!

  8. zoe (my corgi) and I say yea! for your decision to get a corgi. You realize that you never get a corgi, it gets you. Did you know the Governor of California has a corgi named Sutter? He is the first dog of California and has his own Facebook page. Welcome to the world of tummy rubs and treats

  9. She is absolutely beautiful. Welcome back.

  10. Oh she is adorable! I have wanted a dachshund for years and for years, the mister has scrunched up his nose, 'not a real dog, wouldn't be seen dead with it" but I have bombarded him with Doxie pics and just yesterday he said 'I think I would really like a dachshund, they are strong and little fighters and I would go for long walks with him /her"


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