Music for Sunday

I hadn't planned on posting again so soon, but last night the Mister and I had the opportunity to attend a concert by St. Olaf Choir. Our daughter sings with our church youth choir, and it was made clear that the kids were expected to attend. In fact, free tickets for the kids and discounted tickets for the parents were provided. Otherwise, it was a standing room-only full ticket price event.

I can't say I was looking forward to it, but I didn't dread it either. Choir music can be beautiful, and I admire the discipline and talent required, so I thought it would be an okay evening, a nice cultural experience. I wasn't expecting the amazing, breathtaking performance we heard by college kids from St. Olaf's in Minnesota. Their sound, their range, the breadth of the music they performed--all were stunning.

They'll be in Atlanta tonight, and then the remainder of their tour is in the midwest and northeast, including Carnegie Hall on February 6. If you're anywhere near any of the stops on their tour, then I highly recommend that you go. You will not be disappointed! They won't be back in our neck of the woods for five years or so, but I'm already looking forward to hearing them again.

Have you heard St. Olaf's Choir perform?


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