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Paula Angermeier is a Greenville, SC, decorator and decorating consultant, known for her collected style that is both classic and relaxed, with a slightly Southern point of view. 

Although Paula began drawing house plans and renderings of rooms as a child, she credits her work at one of the country's top regional art museums for training her eye. Exposure to incredible art in all its styles and genres along with the opportunity to visit art museums and the homes of private collectors around the corner and around the world have not only refined Paula's taste, but also inspired her to create warm, welcoming, personal rooms that make daily living beautiful and comfortable.

Paula has spent quite a few years learning about antiques (both large and small) and where to find them and, more important, how to use them to add a sense of history and polish to a home.

Decorating doesn't always mean starting with bare walls and floors. Sometimes, it's just adjusting the room's layout, finding the right lamps, rearranging the bookshelves, or bringing in the accessories that help you tell your story. Paula is a firm believer that the last layer of details is what makes a house a home, your home.

Styling interiors is a lifelong pursuit for Paula and, at the heart of that passion, is the desire to create warm, inviting spaces not only to gather with family and friends but also to truly live the good days and the not-so-good ones in places that are comfortable and functional and lovely.

Parents of three grown children, Paula and her husband, Tom, live in upstate South Carolina, where she is available to work locally or virtually.  To learn more about the various consults and services Paula offers, please send an email to paula@townandcountryhouse.com.


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